Loose Part Inside

There is a loose part inside my projector. I noticed it while unboxing it. The auto-focus seems to work okay, but I cannot get the 4 corner correction to work at all, i have only used the projector with the Amazon Prime Video app. The vertical keystone correction works well enough, but can’t get the left-right correction to work at all. 4 corner correction is very important for my needs, i’m not sure if the loose part is related to the fact that the 4 corner correction doesnt work, or if im doing something wrorg.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the projector. Please let me know if I should send the unit back for exchange.

Did you ever figure this out? 4 Corner Correction is a software feature, so there shouldn’t be any particular part inside that’s relevant to it.

Hi @Glenn can you be more specific, what exactly did you try and what is the problem you’re experiencing? Can you post photos/videos to show us the problem?

Hello, I also have a loose part inside the projector… is that normal ?

Nope, not normal. But is the projector working fine otherwise? Does the focus adjustment work OK?

yes it seems to be working… but honestly this sound scares me for the long time reliability…

You can make a video clip and contact support to ask for a replacement. Though replacements aren’t happening right now due to China closure. Hopefully in 10 days.

Does your PPM still make that sound then? Has it sorted itself out ?

PPM is back to HKG, and I’m about to get a refund…

Hi @PhilipsSupport, @PhilipsNono,

I’ve wrote you an email on april the 3rd regarding a loose part inside of my pico pix.
I have received an email from you and I have filled in the form to get a replacement model, but I have not yet received a return label.

Would you be so kind to check this please? (Do you need my ticketnumber?)

Thank you in advance!