Lost In Transit / Undelivered


I have an issue with the delivery.
Since this morning, it is stated as “Delivered” by la poste (France) and DHL.

However, I am at home and nothing in the mailbox, in the street, no one has ring, my neighbours do not have it…
I have called La Poste Customer Service. They say they cannot raise a reclamation and that need to contact the sender.

Seriously… A wait of 9 months ending with such a delivery fail.
What is the process to raise a delivery reclamation at Philips side?

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I have exactly the same issue.
It is writen delivered but I haven’t been contacted by phone. nothing in the mailbox, no neighboor, nothing.
After somes days, I am desperate to have someone to take action.

La poste (or Colissimo) is not doing anything, contacting the customer service is useless. Only answer after 30 min wait is : we can not contact the distribution hub.

DHL will only answer to the shipper.

And still no answer from screeneo support which I have contacted since the almost a week.

@Lyim did you solved your issue ?
it is strange that the delivery time was the same day

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here is the DHL number DHL – CR071996646DE

and Collisimo once arrived in France :CR071996646DE

Could I get to talk to someone ?

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Hello @dbk @lyim

The exact same thing happened to me this week…
La poste doesn’t want to do anything, and tell me to contact the shipper.

Could you please tell me what you did next, did you get to talk to someone at philips ? And did everything work out for you ?


To find out the best way to contact us with a shipping issue, please see my post: General info about shipment and manufacturing

If you have any issue with shipping and already have a ticket, reply to that using the information in that post.
If you don’t have a ticket yet, send mail to support@screeneo.com with one of the subject lines mentioned in that post.

Thank you very much for your answer, I’ll follow your instructions.

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