MacroDroid App - Automations

It would be great when the Philips Guys @Philips_Support_P team collaborate with the developer from the MacroDroid App.
I use an old ZTE Spro2 Projector mit Android 4 and have lots of smart automation run on it thanks to MacroDroid.
Unfortunately with PPM I wasn’t even able to purchase the pro version on MacroDroid because not detecting Wifi is on. :wink:

Anyway, deep integration with MacroDorid and PPM would be a huge advantage and benefit for PPM.

Turning the Projector on automatically at a given time thanks to Macro. Start Apps like Weather Pro or Screensaver for Ambient. All possible with MacroDroid if there would be some interaction with PPM possible. It would be a great Smart Home integration.

Any chance for this @Philips_Support_P ?

Hi @DJay this looks like a standard Android app, what happens when you install it? Is there a developer guide somewhere explaining what manufacturers need to do to support it? We will be happy to take a look.

PS: Since there are no Google Services available on PicoPix Max, it’s not possible to restore your in-app purchases on the projector.

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Thanks @Philips_Support_P for your interest and your reply.
I asked the developers of MacroDroid App to please give feedback how they see a deeper integration and advantage regarding the PPM. I pointed to this thread and asking to join with some ideas and details about developer guide.
I see a lot of potential PPM and MacroDroid cooperate, especially for the smart home environment.

Thanks again for the time you are investing and for being open minded. :relieved::pray:


MacroDroid developer here.

I’m not sure really what is being asked for specifically, but MacroDroid should run on most Android devices without issues. Obviously anything that relies on Google services will not work. Since I only distribute the app via Google Play, the app will have to be sideloaded and of course pro purchases will not be automatically restored like stated.

Realistically I don’t think there is going to be worthwhile anyone’s efforts to implement anything custom for this project, but I agree MacroDroid running on the device could be a nice addition for users.



Thanks Jamie @MacroDroid for your fast response. :slight_smile:
For example I am looking for a way to turn the device PPM on so that projection is starting like an alarm clock in the morning, starting Weather App etc. And turn projection (the device) off after a given time.
I did not find a way to turn the device projection on/off by MacroDroid.
Auto-Focus could also be an option to control by MacroDroid.

And of course how to purchase the Pro version. (more than 5 macros).
At the moment MacroDroid is showing an error that there is no internet connection available when trying to buy. Of course there is internet available.

Thanks again.