MAJOR 1.1 BUG — Frozen Video after Update

Updated to 1.1 software a few days ago. Projector has been subject to consistent video freezes since then.

When this happens, projector remains running, but the screen gets pixelated and all visuals freeze. If a video was playing, it still plays (as I can still hear the audio). If I use the AirMote, I can hear feedback. I was even able to use it to change the projection orientation after a Factory Reset. So this is purely a matter of the visuals freezing.

This seems to be an overheating issue, due to the fans running much slower than before. If the projector freezes and I hard reset, it will freeze on the Philips logo shown when booting up. If I wait a bit longer, I can get to the homescreen, but it will freeze a bit after that.

After last night, I let it sit until this morning, and it’s running normally, but I’m prepared for this to start happening again if I keep it running long enough.

Anyone else having this issue?

Anyone have the 1.0.29 firmware as a file they can send, so that I can roll back?

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