Manual keystone required


I understand that the given tripod cannot position the projector to be at 90 degree to the ceiling:

And the auto focus is unable to adjust the keystone properly, resulting in a distorted trapezium projection.

Can provide an option for manual adjustment of the keystone so that we can correct the distortion?

Not sure to understand you correctly but manual keystone is already possible. It will only work for internal content though, not for HDMI input.
In Setting> Image Settings> Keystone correction> 4-corner correction.

I don’t see any setting option when I mirror the screen from iphone.

Perhaps you should set up the 4 corners image before you send any content to the ppm!

That’s weird, in the update from Nov 5, 2019 they said they would ship the projector with a tripod that could tilt 90 degrees
(see below)

Nov 5, 2019 • 10:17PM
Hello backers -
Some of you also asked some pictures of our tripod, international charger and video/charging USB-C port. The tripod is thin, pocket-friendly, and can be set up at a 90° tilt! Check them out below:

Maybe they added a different tripod?

The arm of the swivel attachment thingy looks longer in the photo shown on 5 Nov 2019.

Your tripod look different from mine. The 3 legs are thinner and have longer metal pole.

Hi @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsNono
can you help check this post ?

I didn’t notice this but it seems like the included tripod is different from those earlier images.

Sadly, there’s so many mistakes already for this otherwise, a decent and great potential product :sweat_smile:

at least for me setting up the image-dimensions before airplaying content helps and works. Would recommend you a proper tripod, not the shitty, cheap philips-plastic-trashpod. Check out the PEDCO Ultra 2. Lovely device.

I tried the 4-corner correction and realize that X cannot go negative while Y cannot go positive, in order to correct the distortion created by the less than 90 degree tripod provided.

How can I get Philips to send me the right tripod that can tilt 90 degree as they have said is possible?

If you are familiar with x and y coordinates, that’s really how it works and it will depend on which corner you are adjusting :wink:
You can only lessen the surface and not expand it and that’s why in your screenshot, you cannot go negative in the x-axis. That’s already the physical limit of the projection :slight_smile:

As for the tripod, try sending them an email about this and attach some evidence that they said so which wasn’t true in the included tripod. Try your luck. Maybe they’ll send you a different one :smiley:

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The included ball head will not be able to achieve a 90° angle, as the head can’t even achieve that on itself in the notch:

This is the straightest vertical angle possible with this ball head / tripod combination:

Notice that the PPM is resting against the tripod legs.

Not being able to reach full 90° tilt isn’t a big deal as you can then correct the keystone with the 4 corner correction feature.

I tried to use another ball head on the same tripod, with much better results, although I had to set the ball head to slightly less than 90° due to the fact that the legs had flex in them meaning that they would sag due to the weight of the PPM which would pull them past 90° if not for my correction in the ball head:

Here you can see the PPM is not touching the legs.

hope this helps anyone wondering about this.


Kugiigi, I get what you mean. I’m not trying to expand the screen beyond the physical limit, but reduce the screen at the opposite side where it is wider, instead of reducing the screen at the side where it is already narrower. You get what I mean?

When the projector is tilted on the wall, the upper screen will be wider, so keystone correction to reduce the width at the upper screen make sense.

However, when the projector is tilted on the ceiling, the upper screen will be narrow. So the keystone correction to reduce the width at the upper screen simply make it worse off.

How do I reduce the width at the bottom screen instead?

Not sure I understood exactly what you are trying to do but I’m pretty sure you can adjust each side to make a rectangle.
You press OK to toggle between corners.
Usually you first go the corner which is wider than the opposite side. Adjust that to the same level of the opposite side. Do the same with the other corners.

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Thanks! Manage to get keystone to correct the distortion. The technique is to select [ceiling front] from [front] first to reduce the distortion and use keystone to remove the remaining distortion.

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