Manual Keystone Reset on every reboot

Manual Keystone seems to be resetting every reboot. Is there a way to save the setting permanently or any fix expected in upcoming days.


Mine as well, seem to be a bug

Yeah, am memory function would be nice.

Same here, after restarting it is reset.
Anyone know where I can find a list of known issues and plans for fixing them?

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Same here. @PhilipsEngineering could you please confirm if this is in list of bugs to be fixed?

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Same problem for me - I have latest firmware.

glad to hear this wasn’t just for me. was getting a bit frustrated by it resetting after power off. i have mine setup in same position for a while so was hoping it would keep settings.

+1 here.

reset on every reboot… it‘s a little bit annoying…

Hello people,

I need help!
I got my recent PicoPix Max, everything works.
But it just doesn´t save my trapeze settings.

I have the current version installed.

All the time, I turn it off, turn it back on, I need to set the trapeze settings, which is soooo annoying !

And the other thing, which really is a pain in … sometimes the remote just doesnt work as well. Just to turn it on, and than no volume control, no “getting back to the menu” etc. … after turning off, turning on the device 2-3 times, than it works (sometimes need more restarts) …

Any advice you guys can give me ? Thank you !!

Greets from Germany

Hello guys, same problem here. Seems like a simple issue, why is it not fixed yet?


Same issue, vertical keystone settings is lost at every restart

Hi @chaosgrid, it is a bug that we will fix asap.

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