Manual Vertical Keystone in HDMI mode

Hi, just got my PPM, and so far so good, but had a question. Is there a way to adjust vertical keystone in HDMI mode? Related to that, is there a way to adjust focus manually as well?

Regarding focus, I think you can bring up the focus ring pattern by pressing on the focus button on the remote control. Then pressing left or right to adjust the focus manually.

From what I have read you will have to adjust keystone and focus from the Android side, these will then be kept when HDMI/USB-C video is selected. There’s no way to display the focusing ring pattern superimposed in top of external video so if auto focus is attempted in external video mode there has to be a fair amount of contrast present for the focusing to succeed.

Right now the vertical keystone adjustment is automatic. (for internal as well as HDMI/USB-C.) You can turn it off to lock the correction to one angle.

We are adding a manual adjustment if you don’t want to use automatic angle detection.


is there a way to go back to Android while on HDMI/typeC withouth unplugging physically?
This would make adjusting stuffs easily while using video in.

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You can press the Home button to go back to Android.

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What about horizontal keystone? My PPM doesn’t adjust the horizontal.

There’s a Horizontal correction option which doesn’t seem to do anything. I guess an unimplemented feature? Maybe should be hidden until implemented.

You are right it was supposed to be for automatic left right tilt correction but it is removed. The UI option will be removed too.

This was for roll correction right? not yaw?
Anyway, if it’s roll, it’s quite easy to adjust although it can be helpful if you don’t use a tripod and simply on top of a surface.

Hello @Philips_Support_P, is the manual keystone setting planned for the next firmware update? Will it address the linearity distortion issue? (4 Corner Adjustment - Linearity Distortion)

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Yes manual keystone adjustment is planned for next update. Linearity correction might take a bit longer but I hope can be done in next update. Too many tasks to do after CNY!


There are many settings I’ve played with and inevitably regret because the only way to get back to baseline performance is to do a Factory Reset, losing all of the passwords etc. carefully entered and having to start again. For keystone correction, I find the default setting is reasonably close but doesn’t perfectly adjust keystone. But I’ve learned I don’t dare touch “Horizontal” in the settings because it then throws a reasonably squared screen into a crazy perspective that there seems no way to back out of — except by Factory Reset. So I’m living with close-not-perfect from the default settings until there is some less destructive way to revert. (The same goes with Bluetooth settings: at least before the last update, touching Bluetooth Switch seemed to permanently disable Bluetooth until I reverted to factory settings).

The inability to correctly shape the screen in HDMI is a massive letdown, especially when the PPM actual interface is so poor and as a result you need to plug in an external device.
I’ve had my PPM for approx 3hrs now and whilst the image quality is decent, everything else is rubbish.

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Could you precise status for manual horizontal keystone correction (left/right tilt)?
(for internal as well as HDMI/USB-C)

It would be great to see statement in INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs


Hi Prashant, do you think manual vertical keystone adjustment will be in the next release 1.27? i can’t seem to get the projector perfectly square. hoping this feature would help.

Not in 1.0.27 because it is already in beta but yes manual adjustment is a feature on our list for the next few updates. Within this month.

By the way did you try calibrating? FAQ: Automatic Keystone Correction

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thanks. let me try calibrating

hello @slandicho,
corner correction has limits (I mean, as everythyng in life!), your PPM is right in front the projection screen?

Where is the beta? :stuck_out_tongue:

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