Matte finish and soft rubber case

With all the trouble they’re having perfecting this glossy finish, I’m wondering if the early backer community was polled specifically on this housing. Seems an odd choice for an indoor/outdoor portable device. I’d be more than happy with a simple matte black finish it means they can produce them faster and with fewer flaws. I also forsee this thing falling off a lot of ledges. An optional rubber case (like a phone case) is something I’d definitely pay for.

Agreed! Nobody should be looking at the unit anyway, they should be looking at the image!

I’m seeing a lot of people talking about taking the PPM on the road for work, camping, etc, and I really hope they protect it well in transit. A proper hard travel case and / or dual layer OtterBox/Poetic on unit case wild be good accessories to be sure!


Hi guys yes we are looking to develop such accessory


A rubber sleeve or hardcase cover like otterbox would be a great accesoiry!


I wouldn’t mind matte finish for the surface in general, as long as the touch-sensitive part of the top surface remains smooth.

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Please, please do not put one of the popular rubberized “soft-touch” finishes on the projector casing. They invariably get grotty and sticky as they age, because it is essentially incompletely polymerized plastic painted on top of regular hard plastic.

As the other posters, I would love a silicone bumper case to protect the projector, as well as a proper EVA molded hard carry case.



Hey - is the accessory line about to go live soon? Only Im about to start shopping for some bits to protect and store the PPM better.