Middle East backers

@Philips_Support_N could you please give me a clear information when saudi arabia backers will have their projector shipped ??

@Philips_Support_N What is the update from your forwarder regarding the blocked countries?

Can we share the info for the backers in Saudi Arabia and GGC countries as I think the information from Phillips mentioned the number of backers were few while the shipment not been processed until now!?
If anyone from same region received any thing please share with us …

Im from israel and my back_id is not on the list .
Im wating for their response…

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I’m from Bahrain and don’t know when will I get mine! @Philips_Support_N

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still ?

Anyone got any update?

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Nope. Still nothing.

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new news … i received DHL Not Working Tracking Code …

Ya…I received that too but it is still not working. And it has been 3 days. Any idea @IvoGrijt, @Philips_Support_N?

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I received 2 tracking numbers, but non of them work.

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good that we get shipments tracking Codes … either it’s only numbers without any response from DHL , but it’s give hope … :grinning:

Maybe it’s just another way of buying more time!

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@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_N @IvoGrijt
Any update on Bahrain and other middle East and GCC countries? I have recieved the tracker since 31st May but DHL site has no info yet.There is an update by @IvoGrijt for Saudi Arabia today. Does it include Bahrain deliveries?!?!?


I’m just hoping they don’t need another 15 days for this new tracking number to be active now😅

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Nothing yet…

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I received another tracking number. Projector is in my city now for custom clearance.


Where are you from on middle east ?



Top News :slight_smile:
parcel delivered from Hong Kong to Dubai June 11, 2020 , then Arrived at Sort Facility BAHRAIN ,then by June 11th Arrived at Sort Facility RIYADH - SAUDI ARABIA … we’re waiting …