Minor annoyance: UE Megaboom 2 disconnects

Greetings everybody, haven’t visited the forum during the summer holiday but have been enjoying the projector quite a lot (the OTA updates are a nice feature as well).

Can somebody from the technical team elaborate the possible reasons why my UE megaboom 2 disconnects occasionally from the projector Wrote some background info of the problem:

  • Both projector and speaker plugged-in for charging
  • Remote controller connected via bluetooth to the projector
  • Movie is played from the SD card
  • No error messages are given, it sometimes just disconnects the speaker. After which I need to remove the device and pair it again, after which it works again nicely for days/weeks
  • Speaker distance to the projector 1.5 meters, fixed location, no obstacles between

To reiterate, this is not a major problem, have just been wondering if anyone else has encountered something similar as UE megabooms are quite popular

Thanks to projector tech gurus in advance for possible enlightenment on this topics

Is your wifi running on 2.4ghz? Tried turning off or running 5ghz?


You can also try a factory reset on the mega boom, there are limits to how many devices that can be paired to a speaker and if there is too many it can cause problems, so it might be worth try.


Thanks all for the potential solutions:

  1. The projector is running on my 5Ghz wifi
  2. Will try to factory reset the megaboom. The number of devices connected to the device in the past year is less than 8 but you might be onto something, will check and report back.

I think also the latest firmware has a bit better bluetooth than the previous, so thanks for the dev team for the continious work on this area