Miracast connection problem

I could not reconnect to PPM via miracast unless I reboot it.

I can connect to PPM via miracast, however if I disconnect it and try to reconnect again, it will fail and not able to set up connection between PPM and windows 10 unless I reboot PPM.
Not sure anyone has this problem

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I may have had this issue once before, but can’t quite recall

I constantly use PPM via miracast with my windows 10/S10+.

The connection is good once it is connected and doesn’t quite drop off. However, there’s a few problems I’ve been experiencing:

  1. The connection drops off or screen freezes if it is idle for more than 3 mins (if you are playing a movie/full screen mode this does not happen, luckily)
  2. Once disconnected, you will not be able to reconnect it unless you restart PPM (as stated by @monsterayt

@PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsNono Any feedback to this will be appreciated!

Are people here using miracast much?

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The connection drop off or screen freezes happen randomly in my case. I have this problem and I cant figure out when or why the screen will freeze.

Problem 1: screen freeze randomly
As mentioned by @hari , when streaming video (for my case playing video on the web broswer), it is working. When I close the web broswer tab/ open an new tab/ go to other website for other video/ switching between windows desktop and web browser, sometimes the screen will freeze and then go back to live randomly.

Problem 2: audio is not sychronized between android device and ppm

Case 1. Android phone (Pixel 3) or android tablet (very old nexus 7), cast to ppm and play video(ppm connect to bluetooth speaker), I will experience audio delay.

Case 2. Using chrome on windows 10, stream online video, miracast to ppm (ppm connect to bluetooth speaker), video and sound is synchronized:

I often use web browser on windows 10 to play online video and mircast to PPM. (due to the fact that ppm doesnot support some of the android apps, i figure out this way to watch video and output through ppm, but the quality of video will never be 1080p). Though there is significant delay (randomly 3-4s) between windows screen and PPM, I still manage to use this function as long as the video and sound is in sync between PPM and my bluetooth speaker.


Can @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsEngineering please investigate this as I’m always using miracast instead of other hardwire input.

Thanks guys!

Hi @hari and @monsterayt, thanks for your feedback. We started investigating the issue of not being able to reconnect without restarting the projector.

It is expected that the mirroring stops if your mobile device’s screen ‘sleeps’, please keep the screen turned on.

Regarding audio and video not being in sync, since you are using external Bluetooth speakers with your projector, I recommend connecting the speakers directly to the source device instead. With any “live” video input, audio delay is expected, since it’s not always possible to record and delay the incoming video to match the delayed audio. In cases where this ‘succeeds’, you do notice significant delay of video as well as audio.


Thanks for the feedback @PhilipsEngineering

Regarding your response for mirroring stops, what do you mean by ‘sleep’?
I’m using both mobile and computer and when there’s no activity (meaning my mouse stops moving or nothing is playing on screen; full screen/non-full screen) the mirroring stops and freezes. I will then need to reboot PPM in order to reconnect again.