Miracast Samsung WiDi Dex


The Miracast (not Airplay) connects to my Samsung Phone but i just see stripes. Maby Android 12 on my Note 10 updated the Wifi Dex function. On Android 11 it dont worked very well too but there was a picture…

My brother bought few days ago a Picopix Max and i saw that it is a Picopix Max V2. There is other hardware and the android 9 is different. And there is a other Miracast software (maby a other hardware too?). There Miracast works perfectly on Wifi Samsung Dex on his Picopix Max V2!!

Is there a possibility for a update?

Samsung Wifi Dex only works with WiDi or Miracast. Not with google cast.

Thx 4 help…

on the ppx620v2, the hardware is (from cpu-z)
arm cortex-A55 1,91ghz, 4 core, gpu mali-g31
Best regards.

Hi I4U. Did you understand my quastion?
I know that there is a hardware renewal.

I just need help from philips that they make a firmware update or app update for miracast on old picopix max.

Can soneone help here?

I mean picopix is after 2 years still the best projector in functions. But miracast dont works.