Missing foot-pad on supplied tripod - help/advice on how to put right?

Hi there received my PPM with a pad missing from one of its feet.

This means it doesn’t sit flat. Anyone @Phillips able to help with a replacement or repair? Thanks

@PhilipsNono can you follow-up with this one?

@PhilipsNono Please help me source missing footpad from tripod, thanks

From all accounts, the supplied tripod is a bit crap and not worth your efforts. Better off sourcing something better from your local camera store.

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I appreciate that, but I’m really hoping the manufacturers would supply a complete bit of kit as sold. What I’ve been sent is not complete. That’s the disappointment. Maybe I’ll buy another tripod later but for now I just want this right.

Hi @Nic_Howell please contact support@screeneo.com with a picture, and make sure to mention this is for PicoPix Max (since it’s the global help desk). You’ll be sent a replacement.