My Pico Review!

We’ve been enjoying our Pico for several days now, mostly Netflix, Amazon, and a little VLC. So far we’re projecting onto light gray paint, no screen. The picture quality is fantastic. The projection size is wonderful! It’s extremely versatile. We’ve watched a few movies in bed with our little one. I’ve taken in a show while shaving and showering. We use it to turn our rec room into a big theatre. We expect to have movies in the backyard during summer BBQ’s and while camping.

This is our first experience with a projector. Our TV is a 4K OLED, and while it’s hard for anything to compare to that quality we are happy with the quality of the Pico! We don’t notice pixilation, the picture seems sharp, and oh so big! So far we’ve only used normal brightness and are happy with the results.

Next I hope to add a decent screen and a Sonos Move to the mobile theatre system! Speaking of which, the sound is adequate in a pinch, but not nearly as good as the picture.

We were originally going to buy a second TV for the rec room, but we are thrilled we went with PicoPix Max.


Can give us an idea of any problems you have had?

My experience is similar to yours. I really love mine so far. No problems and lots of uses for this portable projector!

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We just returned from a trip to Mexico. We did Airbnb and traveled by car to different places. We could setup movie night with our toddler anywhere. It’s a perfect road companion.