My PicoPix Max keeps loosing Wifi


Ok, so this is frustrating! I’m unable to stream a movie or even a long episode with PicoPix Max. I keep loosing the Internet. When it does, I have to turn it off and on (from the device) and then it starts working. You can imagine that this is so frustrating. I read about people having the same issues here in the forum, so I changed the Wifi Channel (see attachment)

I’m streaming from an external Plex Server.

I don’t have this issue with any other devices.

Please help this is so frustrating!

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Thanks in advance,


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Hi @IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_P

Can anyone look into this please?


Does this only happen with Plex? Does it happen when streaming from Web resources like Youtube?

If it’s just Plex, have you done the basic’s. Firmware update and factory rest?

I’m not a user of Plex but there are a lot of complaints online with using it on Wifi due to web traffic, your screenshot looks like you are using the 2.4ghz wifi, is it possible to setup 5.8?

it does happen with other apps. My ISP wifi router doesn’t have a 5GHZ band unfortunately.

I’m still waiting on my order, but I have quite a lot of different Ethernet to USB devices, so I can’t test if it possible to hardwire an ethernet cable.
I would advise you chase PhilipPrashant to find out if there are any Wireless driver updates in the firmware. This is a very new device and there will be quite a lot of hardware optimisation that is still needed to get it running well. From the look of things Philips are using the same OS on other Projectors, so they should be a lot of support in the long term for these products.

Can you post which router you’re connecting to (brand, model, FW version)?
Also, can you try using your phone as a hotspot and test?
Alternatively, could you ask a neighbor for Wifi access and test with their network?

It’s a french ISP brand router :

Brand/Model: Freebox ADSL
FW: 1.5.28

For the hotspot, I will try today and let you know.

Might be worth asking the service provider if they offer a free upgrade on the Access Point. One that only supports 2.4 screams old or very cheap.

Is it possible to borrow a Wireless AP with 5.8ghz and plug that in to offer the house hold wifi.

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So, I got some time this week and was able to fully debug the issue: Here is what came out of this:

Wi-Fi 2,4 Ghz on and Bluetooth Headset (Marshall Major II) OR Speaker (JBL Pulse 3) connected.

The internet drops after few minutes of streaming. (around 30 minutes) Yesterday after the (nice) update, it was less than 30 minutes.

I have heard that there might be audio stuttering, but this is not the case. This makes the whole projector unusable. The only solution is to turn off and, on the Wi-Fi, back again. Watching a 1h45 minutes movie, I must reset my Wi-Fi at least three times which is crazy annoying.

I have tested everything mentioned here in this forum and other out in the internet:

I changed the channel. I switched to a faster DNS. I set a static IP address (You will not believe how many suggestions are out there). Unfortunately, I am unable to get a 5 Ghz router but all my other devices do not have any issues.

I am able to stream hours of Movies and TV Shows to other devices while having my Bluetooth devices connected to without ANY ISSUE. Not even audio stuttering.

Obviously, even in LAN the device becomes unreachable. For example, Plex app allows you to have an endpoint so that you can check networking logging “remotely”. However, the devices become unreachable when the issue mentioned above happens.

The temporary solution is to use speakers or headphones with cable, but since I discovered that besides the high pitch noise that the charger make when the projector is fully charged, I hear also the high pitch noise in the headphones/speakers.

To me it looks clearly, it’s a hardware issue and nothing more. Projector for Wi-Fi and Charger for the high pitch noise (even through headphones).

Looking forward your reply,


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There is a noted issue with Bluetooth which Philips are working on to fix where multiple devices connected at once can cause bomb outs. The temporary fix is to remove the battery in the remote when watching films. I would advise you firmware update the PPM and then do a factory reset as Android is a bugger for caching config in its OS.

Also the high pitch audio is not right and indicates earthing issue’s within the device. If this is effecting the wifi radio then it could be causing interference which would result in weak signals and drop outs.

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Hello Salim, I have the same issues. And I bought 12 of these for my office team for xmas and we all have a lot if issues; honestly I lost my patience with this device, it’s a big source of frustration instead of the opposite. You will never have a regular viewing experience. Issues allover, what a waste of money.
I wish I would have seen the Xiaomi beautiful projector with Android TV instead of being cheated with this “indiegogo” bargain wich is clearly a big-scale scam. We cannot spend days configuring whatever or going to Starbucks to test a projector, that is scandalous. I do not have ANY issues regarding Wifi with my other 1000’s things that we have in our homes. Please stop wasting our time, don’t blame on the user, the responsibility to have a crisp experience on this projector is yours, not ours.
Is anyone going to @Philips_Support_P @PhilipsNono

Please refrain from using words like scam or implying that there is something inherently fishy with the campaign. That is clearly not the case, the projectors are delivered (although later than expected) and there are lots of users who are happy with their devices.

If you want help with your PPM, please explain in detail what your issues are.


hello Enrique, can you explain exactly your issue please ? we will surely help you

@Philips_Support_P Can you check this please?

Please do read the thread ! I explained clearly and concisely the issue and we’re still waiting for a reply.

Did you upgrade to 1.1 ? Also, Philips engineering will check. I will tell my colleague about this issue

Yes I did upgrade to 1.1 and also did factory reset. Also, I have only one device connected to Bluetooth which is either Headphone or Speaker. The remote control is not connected to Bluetooth as Rob123 suggested.

and if you remove the connection with the bluetooth speaker, everything works right?

Exactly. When Wifi works alone everything is working at least i’m streaming continuously for at least 2 hours.

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@djupsjob let’s say it’s not a scam but it is a sense of amateurism coming from one of the big consumer electronics brand under the excuse of being an indiegogo project. Still cannot see the point of having Philips in this project. I bought 12 of them so it’s not the feedback of one single piece, all of them are having issues. Our company Slack has an issue every now and then. Most of them have just plugged an Amazon Firestick to avoid dealing with the software and just enjoy the image which is really good. But the usability, the Wifi, the noise (now fixed), issues on Bluetooth are problems not expected. It was our Xmas department present (it was to be delivered in October) and it arrived nearly in February when all the magic had gone. Still haven’t got my European invoices to save the taxes. of the nearly 6000€ euros that I have spent on you.
So yes, I would not say it is a scam, but it is a big disappointment from what everyone would expect from Philips. We are not talking about Amazon’s cheapest projector brand. It’s Philips at the end of the day.
And yes, I’ve done everything I read in these threads and still doesn’t have Wifi. I do can with my phone wifi spot but not with the router I use for literally every wifi device in my home without any issue (from the Roomba to my air purifier). I haven’t spent more than 10 seconds to connect any device to my wifi but with the projector I’ve spent hours with no results. User should just enjoy the product, not work for it.
My Indiegogo contributor ids are 715, 718, 722, 727, 729, 730, 733, 737, 742, 745, 747, 750

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