My PicoPix Max keeps loosing Wifi

Enrique, and everybody facing similar issues: could you please let me know the brand and model of each WiFi router or access point your colleagues and you have tried to connect to that fails to do so?

While I agree with you that it’s not normal for all 12 devices to have issues, after having shipped thousands of these PPM’s there are perhaps a small percentage that can’t connect to (one or more of) the WiFi networks of the owners. So while there is no widespread problem, it could be that (the default configuration of a) certain brand(s)/model(s) router which might be more popular in certain markets / countries IS indeed incompatible with the PPM even though they may be compatible with most other devices in use. So first we’d need to identify if it’s brand / model specific, then perhaps try to obtain one such router / access point to troubleshoot if possible.

Compare the issue with BT connectivity in cars. Some manufacturers of phones don’t get it right in all car brands, but sometimes it’s the car manufacturer who is to blame, or both.

The fact that you say a phone hotspot works indicates that the WiFi antenna is connected and working, that the WiFi chip can set up a connection properly, and that the PPM can connect to the networks and use them. It’s just struggling with some networks, and we need to actually find the solution to make the product work, not just point fingers or assign blame on either side.

Years ago the management had the ideal of getting rid of the cabled infrastructure in our big offices and the Wifi journey began. We gave up on 2.4 and just stuck with 5. It has been painful and had to replace the windows of the building with new glass which had a earthing coating as the government base near us bombarded the area with radar! We are planning Wifi 6 but even Intel haven’t got their popular cards working quite right.

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Ivo, thanks for your answer. I have 2 wifi at home, one is from my private internet provider and the other is the one from the building. One is Cisco and the other is from Sagem to F@st 5366SM. Both worked smoothly with my previous Xgimi H2 projector. No hassle, just connect and watch as it should be.

The failures of the ones from my office mates are a combination of wifi, bluetooth, lack uf usability from major apps like Hbo or Netflix. So you always have a surprise. It’s like having a PC or a Mac. On Pc you work for the PC and in Mac you just work for you.

The problem is this. The problem is that I have been weeks without using the projector because Im just fed up. The problem is that I have to be writing on support groups for the simplest thing. When the Wifi is OK then “whatever” thing might be the next, wether is software or hardware. Or that I don’t know who the hell I have to speak to to get my invoices which is a legal right that you should fulfill. This is not fair, you’re wasting my time and obviously my money. Not fair at all.

So still no answer.

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Hi Salim. Quick question : Have you tried modifying the security settings on your internet box ? (For some reasons, it seems that selecting WPA2-PSK (AES) only, works better than choosing the combination of WPA-PSK (TKIP) + WPA2-PSK (AES).

Also I saw that you are using channel 13 for your wifi. Even if this channel seems quite free in your environment, I would highly suggest to use channel 1, 6 or 11. Reason is that these intermediary channels such as the 13 will get into competition against the channel 11 (as each chanel has a margin of +2/-2). And to put it in simple terms, 1, 6 and 11 will always beat the other ones when in competition.


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After the last update (v1.2.1) I also encountered a similar problem with the WiFi connection.
While the projector is running, such as watching a movie on Netflix, the projector disconnects itself from WiFi. If I go into the WiFi settings I find the wifi switch turned off.
This problem also happens several times during the streaming session. So each time, I close the streaming app, go into the WiFi settings and switch the WiFi to on.
This is quite frustrating. I hope that the problem will be solved in a future update.
I have a FritzBox 7590 router updated to FRITZ! OS 07.21 and I have connected stereo speakers in bluetooth.


Me too. Intermittently seems to disconnect. Interrupts AirPlay. Tried to fix by downloading update (sorry not sure which version) and this took 40 min to download with many many interruptions. WiFi disconnection is intermittent and unpredictable.

Router nominal, all other devices working seamlessly. @PhilipsEngineering team a little help here please?

I have the same issue.
Wifi is working normal here.
During streaming wifi disconnects suddenly at random times.
SW 1.2.1.

I saw the same behavior with my fritzbox 7362 and ppm running 1.1.03

I’ve also experienced random WiFi dropouts in the middle of streaming something. I drop back to the home screen and goto the WiFi settings, and it says no current network. I re-select my router from the list and then everything is fine again. Unsure what might cause this or how to debug.

My router is a FritzBox 7590.

My PPM still keeps losing WIFI randomly. Has anyone done some troubleshooting?

Is it related to a router setting or something I can change? Since the PPM reacts with an unexpected "WiFi Turned Off"state, I think it is a behavior on PPM side that requires a change.

@PhilipsEngineering Can you take a look at this?

I don’t want to buy another router. All other streaming devices work fine.