My projector got delivered to another country (sic!)

So after waiting for ca. 1 year I checked the DHL link to find out that the project was apparently “successfully delivered” to… an address in Germany. I ordered the project to an address in Spain!

Nobody is responding to support emails. At this point, this starts to look like scam. Which is incredible, considered that there is an international corporation behind this.

Hey, we had a lot of cases in the past where DHL reuses tracking numbers and thus when you check it, it might say it is already delivered in another country. Mine for example was used for a previous shipment to Portugal, while I’m in Bulgaria.

What matters most is the timeline so mind for this and the dates as well. For example mine was delivered let’s say on 30th of April in Portugal, and then on the 15th of May it was accepted by DHL. If this is the case then there is nothing to worry about.