My Review of the Philips Projector Max

Well I have finally received my projector I have used it for two days.

So here we go packaging was top notch well done Philips

Now to setting up the projector trying to connect to my WiFi was a nightmare had to do a factory reset three times finally got it it connected

Now to the app’s Netflix needs some attention especially trying to navigate with remote also amazon Prime video the same now YouTube was awesome worked very well

Now Bluetooth that was absolutely amazing I’m running it on my surround sound Sony system no lag whatsoever

Picture quality is good not awesome I’m sure there will be fixes for that It would be good to adjust the colour settings

Automatic Focus is a nightmare needs urgent attention

Noise from the fan is really quiet very pleased

So to sum up yes it’s awesome little projector there things could be better but I’m sure this will be fixed in future updates
Do I recommend this projector yes I do it’s dam awesome I wish I could add pictures to show you guys it live