My unacceptable experience with Philips Support

I was backer #84 of this project and even ENCOURAGES a few friends to support what looked like a great product.

First projector broke and after a two month process was returned to me un-repaired.

After another two month process a replacement was sent to me that also doesn’t function.

I wonder if anyone else has suffered from the totally unacceptable Philips support process and if you managed to arrange a working solution?

Dear community user,

We thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and are sorry to hear of the difficulties you experienced on your end when it comes to the time span of the process and product quality thus far.

Since reading this we have reached out to you via our CS channels and aim to provide a different experience when it comes to the solution at hand currently.

Kind regards,


So the image on the replacement projector you sent me looks like this…
Many dead pixels with more appearing after each use.

This is now the 3rd replacement projector you have sent me that has failed straight out of the box, not including the one you sent back to me unrepaired. The time it takes to go through the process and have my projector sent means I’ve now been without a working projector since last October.

Come on guys!!

So Phillips will no longer approve my truthful posts about how they keep sending me broken projectors via their warranty program… You guys are an absolute joke and I will spread the word throughout the social media world as I hope nobody ever has to suffer the terrors of your after sales service.

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So now after no longer approving my posts of my truthful account to what is happening to me they have now recieved my projector for the 5th time at the service centre in Germany but apparantly don’t have any in stock and can’t tell me when I can expect to recieve it!!!

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