MyCANAL & OCS not working correctly


I installed the MyCANAL app & the OCS app from the Aptoide Store. It seems to be impossible to connect to your account in the MyCANAL app. After entering ID & password the PPM seems to freeze.

Concerning the OCS app, identification works fine but the PPM seems to be constantly « unfocusing » obliging us to manually refocus every 2 minutes…

Any ideas on what could cause these 2 issues?


Hello David,

Have you installed the latest PPMax V1.0.25 which is strongly recommended as it corrects many issues.

Also I have installed the MyCANAL (V4.4.3) app in my PPMax and it works fine, did you download the same version ?

Regarding the focus hard for me to say :unamused:, is this the only with this app that this is happening ? on which type of surface are you projecting ?

Best regards,

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your reply.

I am projecting on a white wall and PPM is running on latest version.

I will check the version for MyCANAL. The app seems to work but when I enter my Orange ID & password it freezes.

Hi @David_12

I can confirm that MyCanal app works fine, at least when using a Canal account (I haven’t Orange account).
Have you a Canal account to test if it’s a problem with the app or the connection method ?

I haven’t test MyCanal with PPM (i will and after i’ll answer you)
But i have the same problem with my xiaomi laser projector.
I think that it is because it isn’t the app is download through aptoid (and isn’t the official one)
And perhaps in the future you will have the same problem with Netflix, prime video…
That’s why an android TV with play store is better than a “homemade” version of android

I also have an issue with the OCS app. I can launch it from the dashboard, when I click on it, the dashboard is refeshing without opening the app. I have to go to the store, make a search for OCS (it’s not in my installed app list) and choose « open ».