Need Help with Crave App

Dear @PhilipsEngineering, @PhilipsNono, @PhilipsAfterSales,

Sorry to start a new feed. I posted 22 days ago and I haven’t received a response yet. When you have a moment, can you please point me to the correct person to help me with my query. Here is the link:

and here you can download the APK Crave APKs - APKMirror

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Hi @mphameli the Amazon App Store is not available for PicoPix Max. Please search for your favourite apps first on Aptoide store. If it’s not available there, you can download the .apk from another source, e.g. or Aurora Store. In the best case, please download the .apk from the original developer’s website. Then copy it onto a USB stick, plug it into the PicoPix Max and start the File Manager. From there you can install the app on to your projector.

Note that we don’t test every app and can’t directly support you if a 3rd party app does not work perfectly. But we are happy to make any changes to make a 3rd party app work, in case a problem on our end is discovered. We are open to working with any developer as long as it’s technically and legally feasible. The exception is for apps that require Google Media Services, or apps that use a closed content-protection (DRM) scheme different from Widevine L1 or L3.