Netflix App Missing Content

The pre-installed Netflix app does not have all the content that is available on my smart phone Netflix app.

For example I cannot find the trailers and specials. The smart phone app has a special section for each show. The pre-installed Netflix app just has the seasons and episodes available.

Starting a trailer or special on my smart phone and casting to ppm does not work. Searching on ppm Netflix for a trailer name leads to no results.

Do you know what to do? Can I update the Netflix app?

Can you give some specific examples?

I cannot find the trailer and specials for the Netflix show “Dark” on Netflix app version 4.16.3.

On my Smart Phone I have Netflix app version 7.60.1 and there is a “trailer and more” section for this show. I cannot find this section on the ppm.

This might be because the on one the PPM is an old version of the app.
I’m afraid the app cannot be updated due to the necessary patching.

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That would be sad. I hope screeneo updates this app anytime soon.

Do you think the problems with casting between Netflix apps have the same root cause? Or is there a workaround for this?

I mean the in-app casting symbol in Netflix app. Not the android screen Mirroring feature.

Probably, I’m not really sure. But this is Netflix fault actually. PPM has the required widevine L1 certfication but Netflix won’t whitelist PPM because its a niche product.

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