Netflix issues unable to play

Hi Everyone, I encountered Netflix issues. Not sure how to solve it.

After many attempts I am able to sign in but I cannot go into my profile.

After many many attempts I am able to get in but unable to play any movies.

Am I doing something wrong? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

Which version of Netflix are you using? Did you update it when prompted after first use?
If so, uninstall it and re-install using the placeholder on the home screen.

No. I am using the original Netflix. I couldn’t update it. I have uninstalled and tried many times.

You may be experiencing a loss of network connectivity. Try this: when Netflix gives this issue, can you use YouTube? Also try accessing Netflix from the Firefox browser, does that work when you have these issues?

I managed to solve it. It is due to my smart dns proxy. Thanks :blush:

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Thanks for the feedback letting us know what the problem was.

Sorry to hijack this post but my Pico just arrived and I cannot use Netflix. I try to open it and it says we have a new version install. Then it just keeps cycling back to do you want to install. I choose yes. Then it goes to the install page then do you want to install and again and again. I have uninstalled 3 times now.

Please do a factory reset, then just say Cancel when asked to update Netflix. Never update Netflix on the PPX.