Netflix now officially available on Android TV for Projectors


I wonder though what exactly supported now means. Can they do 1080p and up now? That still needs widevine L1 right and not sure if those projector has it.

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Yes Netflix will be natively available in Android TV even on projector(s) with full capability (SD/HD/UHD) as on TVs and Media Boxes running on Android TV OS. Any prerequisite to support that will be there, including Widevine.

Hong Kong Youtuber just post the review video in Cantonese, which show the use Netflix in MoGo Pro

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That’s great news @Philips_Support_P is this a game changer from a stable official Netflix release for PPM?

I was just talking to Google last week and they explicitly said Android TV = no Netflix. So I’m not sure about the authenticity of an article about a tweet. We’ll reach out to the right people to verify. In any case there’s no Android TV possible for PicoPix Max. And for non-TV version of Netflix we already have a working solution. So it’s not likely to change much.


Got ya - thanks for the update.

Could it be about GMS ? :wink::blush:

You mean “Projectors with Android TV” = no Netflix , as many of ATV boxes/devices already have officially Netflix service. (example is Xiaomi Mi Box S)

Sorry, but I not agree with you. We “backers” require an official Netflix service with comfortable (remote-control-friendly) TV-based interface.
The Philips/Screeneo marked the PPM product with officially Netflix trademark!
In this case is it unacceptable you use unofficial service with no guarantie of service availability and full-performance (like FHD content) during whole Philips PicoPix Max product lifecycle.
When officially Netflix trademark appears on official Philips’s marketing of product then this is business essential case.

Xiaomi mi box s uses Android TV hence it is expected to use official Netflix service.

As far I know it is not obligatory for device with Android TV (developed by Google) to offer an official Netflix app.

… Installing Netflix from the Google Play store is the fastest way to get Netflix on your Android TV box. However, with Netflix’s recent crackdown on uncertified Android TV boxes, this option is not available for many devices. Searching for Netflix on an uncertified device won’t return any results while clicking on a direct link will show you that the app isn’t compatible.
Read more How to Get Netflix on an Android TV Box - Home Theatre Life

Good to see things getting better over time for projectors and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see PPM on a list of Netflix-certified devices fast.

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I backed the PPM and the formovie Dice on indiegogo. Formovie is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. They confirmed a couple of weeks back that xiaomi did receive official netflix certification on their facebook page and in the indiegogo comments.

In case you are wondering. That does not mean the dice gets it (yet)… But good news anyway :slight_smile:

That’s good. Philips Projection has received Android TV license now after 18 months of negotiations. Netflix negotiation still in progress. Sadly it’s too late for PicoPix Max as it’s not possible to back port to a released device, mostly due to licensing requirement.


Hi Prashant,

So you are saying that future Phillips projectors will now be based on AndroidTV, but the PicoPix Max will remain on AOSP ?

Hi @tpetrilli unfortunately I cannot give roadmap info now. You will hear about it through official PR channels (here we are some people from the team helping users). However PicoPix Max will stay AOSP, it cannot be converted to Android TV. Licensing terms don’t allow it and even if it did, the SoC vendor doesn’t support it. I wish this had happened 1 year ago when we started.


Why would we want Android TV actually, what are the actual advantages it offers? If we had Google Play Store and GMS support would’ve been enough for me personally, what would Android TV brig me over that? (Asking out of genuine interest and wanting to know more about these platforms).

As I’ve said many times :slight_smile: The only way you can get Play Store and other official Google services (including built-in Chromecast and Widevine L1), on a non-touchscreen device, is Android TV. It’s not possible to get GMS etc. on a projector using AOSP. In fact the Widevine department went out of their way to make an exception for us and our PicoPix Max backers!

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I see what it would bring now, thanks.
The PPM is fine for me as it is, everything I want to use on it so far is available on it and works.