Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android

Another Bonus that the PPM is based on AOSP Android and not Android TV :slight_smile:

P.S. Off course I used the Comment Section on their official Tech Blog to promote our…



For those like me who had no idea what AV1 was.


So do you know if support is now there because I believe it is? Without any of this knowledge I downloaded a movie and, as you say, was not HD quality. I had no idea about this issue so thought maybe I needed to upgrade my Netflix plan to the UltraHD plan to get the right download. A day later I tried it a lo and behold a full HD download. I could also tell by the file size let alone the image quality - the file size had doubled. So does this mean Netflix now supports PPM and I can reduce my plan back down as that was just a coincidence?

You can set the quality of the downloaded movies in the app. If set at the higher quality the file will be bigger.

The best way to test your Netflix resolution is to play Test Patterns and look at the resolution displayed in the top right corner.

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The ultra hd plan is as the name suggests for 4K content, I don’t see how that can change the quality of what you view on the ppm even if you can and did download a 4K file you would still be watching it in 1080p

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The version of Netflix installed on PPM is already 2+ years old. So intrudocing AV1 in 2020 is irrelevant to us. No one found a new way to enable 1080p on newer versions of the Netflix app so don’t hold your breath :frowning:

That’s why Torrents + Plex/Kodi will always be winners, true freedom from proprietary shenanigans of huge corporations.

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And for getting the better audio quality even when using 1080p Content.

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I didn’t mean to infer the quality was 4K more it was better than when I originally downloaded the movie on my previous Netflix plan. I didn’t realise you could change the download quality so my account was set on Auto. So I reckon, by switching plan to UltraHD the auto setting takes the downloading quality up a notch. Now I know that setting is there, I’ve downgraded my plan again (no need to be above HD for me for PPM or TV) and I’ve upped the quality of download so I expect I’ll get the same result which I’ll check later