Netflix subtitle disappear and others

Hi Team,

I’ve been using my picopix max for quite sometimes and enjoying it very much. Thanks for keep working on the firmware upgrades, can see the device is improving every time.

From what I have experienced, while playing the Netflix application, the subtitle will disappear and turn back on quite frequently, (probably every 3 to 5 mins) the pre-loaded Netflix app is very unstable in the latest firmware update. Also, I’ve noticed the Netflix app has no respond sometimes when choosing a movie at the Netflix homepage, I need to exit the app and re-load in order to perform smoothly.

For pop corn times, the app is not function properly, the app is said to be outdated and requires to upgrade it, but after the warning message pop up, the whole thing just frozen and no respond, I cannot return to the PP Max homepage, and I need to perform a power-off everytime.

Also, when I use the air remote to fast-forwarding a netflix movie, the cursor would not leave, how can I exit the cursor mode when I’ve turned it on?


I have the PPM from yesterday but also noticed that the Netflix app sucks comparing for example to Samsung TV app. Picture quality is poor. It does not respond correctly to commands.

Hi @styung you can press any up/down/left/right arrow key on your remote to disable mouse mode.

As for general usability of Netflix app, this is the best we can do, because Netflix is blocking you from running the nice TV version, they don’t want to license any projectors.

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During movie playback? :thinking:

I see, thanks for the quick reply, i guess I can survive with that ha, still is a very amazing device. For the remote I will try what you said later. How about the pop-corn time? anyone else report the same issue as i faced? The current version cannot be used as update is required, but I can never update the app.

Yes, during playback. Comparing to playback from YouTube the picture quality is much worst.

despite the fact I was playing 4k movie from Netflix the resolution seemed to be about hd ready and the picture had poor coloures. I checked the same movie on tv app and it looked fine( pure coloures and high resolution)