Netflix will crash for playing some kind of videos

My Pico Max will crash and show the white background with logo if some kind of videos are being player on Netflix. It crashed after playing few seconds of the video. Although only selective videos have been affected, still it affects my user experience a lot. Hope Philips can fix in the next update.

Hi @Horace

As it has been reported in other threads, it might be a known bug.
I’ve not encountered this problem in my use of Netflix on PPM.

Can you give one or several movies that crashed your PPM, in order to reproduce it ?

i got the same problem
it happens to me on 愛的迫降,it is a korean drama series

Hey, do we have some examples from the other threads as well ? Sorry can’t find in the forum. Maybe we can list some videos and try to find a common pattern or something …a decoder used for the video, I don’t know.

Both 愛的迫降 (Crash landing on you) and 絕代雙驕 at Netflix will crash when I watch it.

I am facing this issue as well. After 10secs the ppm will restart

This happens to my PPM always when playing the 60fps video in Test Pattern
There are also some shows that cause this.
Another observation is that sometimes playback on Netflix stops and won’t work until I reboot my PPM. The worse is that sometimes, the projector won’t shutdown. Android seems to shutdown already but the light remains on even after many minutes. Only a hard reset fix this when it happens.

Hi guys, it’s a known issue in the graphic driver (hardware decoding module). I am in contact with Rockchip regarding this. Hope to fix it soon.

Meanwhile I have a workaround: if you skip just slightly past the place where it crashes, it will usually continue playing without crash.

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Hi all, this bug is now solved as of v1.0.29, which will be released soon. Thanks to rockchip and our china team.

I’ve had this happen twice so far: while streaming video on the built-in Netflix app, the video freezes while the audio continues for a few seconds. Then the whole screen goes black, the fan suddenly gets loud and noisy and I need to power the projector down by holding the power button. When I reboot everything is normal again.

Anyone else experiencing any similar issues?

I experienced exactly the same symptoms.However, it seemed to occur only in certain videos.

Is there still a small amount of light output from the lens or is it completely black as in powered down? I’m wondering if this could possibly be a thermal trip if it went completely black.

Are you playing a 60fps video by any chance? Does Netflix actually have 60fps content? We’ve found 1080p60 video on Netflix is a bit unstable because of the hardware decryption layer.

One of the video I found was a Japanese animation “Dorohedoro”.The frame rate is unknown, but the PPM will reboot 100% at certain scene.
I understand that the Netflix app is unstable, but why does the PPM reboot?

This is possible I guess because I encountered a similar crash when playing a Test Pattern video on Netflix which I think changes the resolution, bitrate etc. quite often to actually test the playback. It happened to me 3 times in a row. I wasn’t giving attention on the projector itself though but I just see the boot splash screen then the home screen.

Netflix has quite a significant amount of 60fps content.

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Yes, same issue found here - projector lasts for about an hour then crashes, everytime, just as you have noted!

I was playing an episode of Friends, ha. Not sure the FPS?

Those will be 23.976 or 24fps last time I checked.

1080p60 content on Netflix crashes my PPM in seconds (the infamous test 2x08, does inevitably). But I had a few random crashes on 24fps content too. Black, splash, homepage.