New features to help with social distancing

Hello folks,

Today we are announcing two new features that will be pushed to all PicoPix Max customers by this evening:

1. We have increased the UI size by 4 times to make everything appear larger than before.

2. Auto focus range has been changed - it is now no longer possible to focus closer than about 6 feet (1.8 meter) from the wall

These changes together will help you and your family sit far from the screen and further apart from each other during movie nights, as the world continues to practice social distancing.

Please leave your feedback below. If there is interest, we may further increase the UI size by +30% and focus distance by +50% (but no further as that’s a hardware limitation.)

Protip: if you’re from AU/NZ and just received your PicoPix, please make sure to turn on the Ceiling Flip option under Image Settings to get back a natural orientation.



That’s it. I’m done with this BS. I’m returning my PPM and get a full refund!
I’m so disappointed with your product and now you’re making software adjustments that doesn’t make sense. For the love of God, you should instead add a feature that detects if the people watching are at least 1 meter apart. Use that camera to good use!


We tried it, unfortunately the camera is pointing to the front, not the back of the projector. So it was detecting the distance between characters in the movie you were watching.


Are you serious or is this April Fool ?

I hope these are not enforced setting, rather a user choice to enable/disable.
What’s the minimum screen size attainable in this case?




Who forgot to lock their screen when getting a coffee?

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Thank you very much. I just updated and is loving these new features. :grimacing:


Yes Please! Oh Behave! :nerd_face:

Cool man!

AI think this is a good April fools day joke! It is believable on the first read!
But when you say it will roll out by this evening, that’s where the cover is blown. (the updates are never this quick anyway!)

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Not so sure...

Is this an April fool’s joke?!?

Ux at 2x is plenty big… And preventing focus at short distances is a horrible idea.


You better be kidding me


Please say it’s for April fools ! :crazy_face:

I only use the projector at 3.5 feet since I’m using it in my camper !!!

Thanks @PhilipsPrashant

Really great update for Apr 1! Made me laugh… :smiley:

Loving it!

Wooaaa i love these April fools :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1: (today is the 1st!)

Especially the fact that you can’t measure the distance between people due to the camera pointing to the front…
Surely this must be a design flow… People are gonna ask for refund… :joy::joy::joy:



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I wondered about the Australians and ceiling mode.

Does the projector weigh more or less in Oz? With the force of gravity being different an all that

Great update btw.


Feature request - could there be a feature, maybe using the 5.0 bluetooth chip, to detect when my wife is close, instantly switching Pronhub to National Geographic?


Use a FireTV stick in the HDMI port and unplug it as soon as she walks in. :bulb:


A “boss key” on the remote would be great! I had suggested this feature in this post. Please vote. Haha

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