NEW: Launcher V2 available for all

Dear PicoPix Max pioneers,

We’re happy to announce the rewritten Home Screen Launcher v2.

As of 2023-01-04 it is available to all users via a home-screen update:

The main improvements are:

  • Faster performance at negligible CPU and GPU usage
  • 30-40% less memory usage: more memory for your apps
  • Separation of your installed apps and apps available on the cloud
  • New sidebar (access by pressing the BACK button)
  • New feature: last 3 recent apps available in the sidebar

What doesn’t work yet but will be added soon:

  • Favourite apps
  • Choosing your own wallpaper

Change log

v2.4.3 hot fix

  • Fix sidebar shortcuts not starting


  • Added “Help” option to the sidebar that shows how to get help or contact us.
  • Added Hebrew and Portuguese translations.
  • Updated translations for 10 other languages.
  • Fix black screen during startup
  • Updated trash can icon to clear recent apps list in the left sidebar


  • Fix app grid erratic behaviour when navigating with mouse or D-pad
  • Fix Settings app wallpaper not matching the Launcher wallpaper
  • Battery icon is now larger
  • The launcher priority is now lower than default, thus any custom launchers you install will be preferred.
  • Note: This version no longer starts EasySetup after factory reset. A system update with a new version of EasySetup will be released later.


  • Add mouse support for launching apps


  • Hide non-functional 3rd party YouTube apps on NPX542 and NPX642


  • Added translation into 17 languages


  • Fix some shortcuts not starting from the sidebar
  • Fix app list layout issues on some projector models
  • Fix hidden system apps being shown on the Home Screen for some projector models
  • Fix clock 12/24 hr format preference was not remembered
  • Fix certain apps still showing up under “More Apps” even if already installed
  • Fix occasional crash on startup
  • Added a tip on first start about using the :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: button to open the sidebar
  • Text improvements: “clear” in the sidebar recent apps list is now replaced with a backspace icon, ‘Screencasting’ text


In this version we have fixed several bugs related to the installed apps list and its interaction with the ‘more apps’ page:

  • Apps list (both installed apps, and ‘more apps’) now no longer need to refresh fully if you install, uninstall or update an app. This results in better performance.
  • The “update available” badges now no longer disappear after you install one app update.
  • Newly installed apps from other sources will now also show ‘update available’ badge if an update is available from us.


Apart from the large number of bug fixes and performance improvements, in this version finally we have brought back the following:

  • “More Apps” (our own App Store) now works
  • you can now install app updates once again
  • the launcher can update itself on startup if an update is available
  • you can uninstall apps again

I do like launcher 2.3.0
It’s faster, but at the moment I have a few remarks.

When the PPM is charging, you can’t see the percentage (%) how much the battery is charged.
Only when you disconnect the charge cable you can see the percentage on the battery icon.

On the old launcher, while charging, the percentage was displayed big on screen.

Hope you have an update of this launcher soon, because one thing i dont like of version 2.3.0 is that you lose some functions and can’t go back to the old launcher.
I’m now stuck with a launcher that isn’t finished (some functions don’t work yet)


I miss a link/button to these menu items (are they maybe implemented in “more settings” ?)


  • Language
  • Time Zone
  • Keyboard Input Method

Software Update

  • Software update (“Check” & “Offline upgrade” buttons)
  • Factory reset

About (info about the projector)

  • Model
  • Software Version
  • Video Chip Version
  • MAC Address
  • Serial Number
  • Launcher Version
  • store-in 4GB/16GB

Hello @Davy yes please use the “More Settings” shortcut to access those. There was a bug which made this shortcut inactive. This has been solved in v2.3.2 as of today.

hello, nice work is really getting better!

just want to report that clock 12/24 hr format preference is not remembered again in 2.4.3