New update spoilt my battery charging

Dear philips
Having issues after te latest update 1.2.1.
Is it related to this or just a glitch?
The .3 upgrade was good.the .4 one spoilt the brightness so I decided not to update.
But the fool I was I got tempted and updated to the latest one last week.
Since then my perfectly fine machine is giving me trouble and I’m trying to solve it on my own.
I had vertical keystone issues I reset and calibrated. fine !( I never had to do it before ) but it ok .
But then i started losing battery power even when I kept it connected on 98% to power.
Normally I stayed a constant 100%(when watching and connected to power )but now I started going down to zero.

I charged the battery again but it didn’t go above 60 and then started going down so
I recalbrated the battery.

After that It did go upto 98 and to 100 in 4hrs plus.

But today on 98% with connected power I started watching a movie on normal mode for 100 minutes it went down to zero .

It should have stayed charged to full like before

What have you done to my machine philips !!

Now I charged today for 2 hrs and found battery at 4%.
I quickly did a reset but no luck.
Now it stays at zero.

Reset again // doesn’t go beyond 4% (checked for an hour)////

Will you help me please !!!
Help me troubleshoot…


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@PhilipsNono @Philips_Support_P
Dear prashant
I am having major charging issues after new update.
I have calibrated battery once.
After that It went up to 98 % but next day while watching a movie and charging simultaneously the charge went to zero.
Now it’s not going beyond 4%.
I reset again but no luck.
I would like to try out all options before asking for replacement as that is a painful job.

  1. tommarrow I will try a different cable and charger
  2. Should I try resetting to last update which was .4? How to do that?
    Don’t know with this charge if I can do that

Dear Steve
Please keep replacement option open if this doesn’t work.
Request raised #32212

08dec: reset on system.recalibrated battery.(down to zero on energy mode)
Then 12 hrs later for 4hrs 30 mnts
Result :Did charge fully and stayed.
Same evening when watching movie with charger connected went down to zero.
09 Dec: caliberated battery.
Result : No luck…Now Charging to 4%.
10dec Performed another factory reset from software update option on pico.
Result: still charging to 4%
11 Dec: Got a cable today usb c to c 2.0.
12 Dec : Trying a recovery factory reset

Waiting for result

Thk u all especially Anatoly (backer) and philipsnono
(Tough I still have this but I’m hoping it will go away)

Dear prashant///urgent //since my pic not charging getting a cable to check.
Is ita usb C to usb C 2.0 or 3.0 or 3.1 ?
Pls advise

I’m having a similar issue on my PPM. It started to happen a few days after I upgraded to the latest firmware. My first observation was that I always see 92% Charged whenever I’m about to turn it off at the end of my day. It should be 100% since it’s always plugged in the whole time I’m using it. This happened consecutively and actually, last night, it’s 91% instead. Then the worse came, the charging light alternates between blue and red whenever I plug it to power while turned off. When this happens, it won’t turn on. Luckily, it can still turn on while unplugged and still charges when plugged to power while already on.

@Philips_Support_P This seems to be a real issue with the latest firmware. I can still use my PPM but I’m worried that it’s serious and it’ll get worse. I’ve been using my PPM for almost a year and it kept my sanity during this pandemic. Please don’t take it away from me :joy:

Try recaliberating the battery

How do you do that?

First you can try a factory reset.
Run it down to zero on energy mode(should not start if u try after that)
Leave it overnight or upto 24hrs.
Then charge it for about 3hrs plus 1 hour after blue light or just flat 4hrs.
Then check if made any difference

Okay thanks.
I’m not willing for a factory reset right now though so maybe some other time. Also, I’m afraid that if I drain the battery, it won’t charge anymore since right now, it only charges when turned on. Lastly, I can’t live a day without using it :joy:

He he…Me too…My 2nd projector but can do without it.
Maybe then wait for the nextupdate

I accidentally drained my PPM because I forgot to plug it in :sweat_smile: But I notice that it was charging fine when it was drained so I was still able to boot it up again. My guess is that the issue happens when the battery is already full.For some reason it won’t charge when it’s full.

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