Next update ETA?

Do we have any sort of ETA on the next update? 1.0.26 I think it would be. I see the French review that talked about the new image calibration app and was just curious if we might know when it could be expected for release. Likely we do not know but it never hurts to ask lol

Not before mid Feb. Everything is closed in China and half our team is there.

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That totally makes sense. Thank you for the info. Also sending your entire team in China good vibes!

Is this still true or the dates have been pushed even further?
Any high level list of updates on what bugs are being fixed and enhancements being added?

It’s pushed back about a week, but the good news is that our China team is working from home from today. So I’m hopeful a software update will come by next week, maybe not all known issues will be fixed but def many improvements will be there. And we’ll try to speed it up to one update per week instead of per 2 weeks. Regarding which issues are being improved, I’m still discussing with the team what’s feasible to do from home (without the test lab and test hardware), and without access to the other partners like Rockchip. There’s around 30 things on the to do list, probably we’ll only manage 10 or so till next week. I’ll keep you guys updated.