Nintendo Switch Connectivity

I am playing “The Witcher 3” on Nintendo Switch and connect PPM with the original usb c cable and i noticed that dialogue from the game cannot be heard from PPM while i can hear the background music of the game.

Why would this happen? Is it related to the cable or the firmware? I am using 1.0.27.

I uploaded two video for reference. The first one is on Switch which you can hear the dialogue. The second one is connecting the switch to PPM, you cant hear the dialogue in the same scene with the same setting on Switch. I have also tested other games, like RingFit Adventure, same thing happen.

  1. Swtich
  2. On PPM

Thanks @PhilipsPrashant

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Check to see if the output is in a Dolby Surround mode on the Switch, and if possible turn that off / put it in Stereo output.

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