Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Work with Picopix Max One via USB Type C

Hi All,

I have a Philips Picopix Max One projector and I’m quite happy with it. However I couldn’t find an option to use my Nintendo Switch via type c port and cable. I can use hdmi dock but one usb c cable solution is better than a dock and cable salat.

I saw the topic in Picopix Max session; a user succeeded to use Nintendo Switch with type c cable to his Picopix Max projector. So I think, it shold work with Picopix Max One too.

I used different type c cables which I know thay theye are not only for power cables. I’m using them with my mobile type c monitor with my Nintendo Switch or Huawei P40 Pro phone projection.

I updated projector’s firmware. Nothing changed.

So, where is the problem on Philips Picopix Max One?

Thanks in advance.

Hi again,

I found the answer. Usb Type c port on picopix max one supports video input, however power capacity isn’t enough for Nintendo Switch.

So I bought a type c to hdmi cable from

with that cable, I’m able to use my Nintendo Switch. ps. You should plug the PD 3.0 type c port of the cable to the USB type A port on projector. Type A’s power capacity is enough for Nintendo Switch.