Nintendo Switch without a dock :)

I didn’t find any posts mentioning this so I thought I’d share:

It seems that Nintendo Switch can be used as a USB-C input source to PicoPix, WITHOUT the Switch Dock involved! So you can project Switch games on the go, using the batteries of both devices.

It’s pretty straightforward to set up:

I’ve had little luck trying to use Switch with other USB-C docks so this was really cool to see working plug-and-play.

Game on!


Great! Is it full resolution?

Whaaaaa?! That’s epic! Nice find, I can’t wait to try it out!

You are a wizard @danopia

Great news. I got my projector last night and it works great as you describe with the switch. Big bonus points.

Hi Danopia,


What kind of USB C cable do you use ?

Thanks to share that anyway !

I’m not 100% sure how to test resolution but it definitely looks like the three resolution settings offered by the Switch take some effect when changed. The PicoPix is effectively acting like a dock, so the Switch thinks it’s docked normally while the USB-C input is selected (eg attached joycons can’t be used, they just charge)

Only catches so far: 1) Bluetooth speakers don’t seem to work with external video inputs and 2) it doesn’t seem like PicoPix feeds Switch enough power to charge the battery while it’s running. So after an hour of Zelda, Switch’s battery went from 70% to 60%. Connecting a charger to the projector didn’t seem to change that.

Overall great and I don’t own a dock rn so this let me get some smash Bros time in with my girl :slight_smile:

It’s the relatively thick cable that comes with PicoPix. Most thinner USB-C cables do not support video, so it needs to be a thicker cable. I have at least 2 here that work

Ok looks perfect even if it’s not charging the switch. For Bluetooth issue, maybe an alternative accessoire plugged directly to the Switch itself ? (like the Airfly Pro from Twelve South)

Thanks for all this information !

Would this work with a Switch Lite?

Obviously not, Switch lite is only handled. Usb-c port will not feed video to the PPM.

Wasn’t sure since it also had USB-C. I just looked looked it up and read that Nintendo removed the video-out chip from the lite design.

You can use either the Switch headphone jack, or the PicoPix headphone jack, to use external speakers–with or without the official dock involved. That might be better anyway for latency from gameplay

At this point the primary reason to still use the official dock would be to charge the switch at the same time, and/or to use USB accessories

Sad about switch lite not doing any video output but it’s a cost-saving SKU so it makes sense I suppose.

A nice setup! I will have to give this a go when I do eventually get my PPM.

How long does it last, say a few hours??

PicoPix provides some power to Switch (barely enough power to operate, but still) so if you start with both fully charged, I’m certain PicoPix would die first.

I’d guess you can get a good 2 hours of gameplay in, regardless of game. Probably more bit I wouldn’t bet on it haha

I would recommend having a large USB-C battery pack (such as LifePowr A3) if you’re planning on using PicoPix more seriously away from wall power. If nothing else, PicoPix will be notably brighter when input power is attached.

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I just tried this direct USB C method (Philips cable) with Animal Crossing, it’s definitely not 60fps and seems slowed down somehow. Mario Kart was 60fps but probably 720p. The Switch’s fan is also not doing anything which I think is a bit scary…? It started blowing as soon as I went back to handheld mode.

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Hi, i tried the same for my Nano model but did not work. can you please advise?

Game changer.