No Backerkit login....?


I got an email to check backer kit, but it doesn’t recognise my email…
I’m backer 13423, can someone please check and see that everything is in order?


Same thing here. My contribution ID is 16719 but they say that my email adress is not found in their database… Maybe somebody can help… Thx.

This might be completely obvious, but it’s still worth checking first. Are you 100% sure you tried with the same email address that you used for backing the projector and filling in the backerkit survey?

I only have one email address, so it wouldn’t be anything else…

Ok, next question then. Have you received the backerkit survey and answered it? If you have, my next suggestion would be to create a Backerkit account. Make sure you use the same email address that you used on Indiegogo for backing the PPM.

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This is very strange… I have received and submitted the survey last year, using my email adress. Now, It says I do not have an account. I have created now one, and it recognised my pledge. One question: where I find in my account the backerkit number?

Yep - found the receipt from backer kit, and it has my email at the top. And I tried copying that and pasting it into the “forgot password”, and it still doesn’t recognise it…

Perhaps you don’t have an account yet. Answering the survey doesn’t create an account, if I recall correctly.

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One of our moderators posted an instruction:

Thank you man.

That was it - many thanks.

Or you could use this link: How to find your Backerkit ID