No fan noise, device switches automatically off


Hello. My PPM arrived today. Switched it on out of the box, connected to wlan, played one movie trailer on Youtube (about 4 minutes length) in normal mode and then again in presentation mode.
I could hear a fan noise the whole time. Then it switched off automatically, I assume because of empty battery.
Then I connected the power plug and left it alone for about 10 minutes. When I swiched it on again, I heard no fan noise. I managed to update to fw 1.0.29 but now it switches off after about 3 minutes. I hear no fan noise. The touchpad feels really hot. Managed to activate advanced settings. It says: cpu temperature is between 83 and 90 degrees C!!!

Hi Markus, welcome here! Let’s hope there’s a good explanation and resolution for your projector’s issue.

Now LED turned blue. Switched it on and did a factory reset. Now it switches off immediately after being swiched on. :frowning_face:

Would prefer if no hope would be needed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @webdrifter68 it does sound like a thermal shutdown. But since the fan worked in the beginning, it’s unlikely it was defective from the start.

When it starts up, what battery level do you see?

Can you please do a test for me: please charge it overnight while it’s turned off. The next morning the charging LED should be blue. Check if it turns on then. Saw your post mentioning it makes no difference.

Also, please let me know whether this happens both on battery and with the power adapter plugged in.

PS: I see you were in Presentation mode when this happened. Let the projector cool down (30 min), so you can turn it on long enough to switch it to Energy Saver mode (Projector Settings > Image > Brightness).

(FYI the cpu temperature can get up to 115°C before powering off, that’s not a useful indicator. The light engine temperature is more important, which cannot be monitored by the user right now, but upcoming 1.1.0 has it.)

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use @ not # for persons

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Another tip: unplug the power now that it’s been charged, and then do the above. When on the power supply’s power the LED’s go brighter and therefore hotter. This will buy you more time to change the settings to Energy Saver.

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I managed to activate energy saver mode.
What I am still missing is the sound of a fan working. :thinking:
Switches off after a few minutes of operation.

No matter, if on battery or plugged in.

Are you sure? Maybe it shut down before it was completely updated?

I am sure. Runs on energy saver mode. Still no fan noise. Not in normal, not in presentation mode.

I heard the fan running the first time I switched it on.
Haven’t heard it since then.

I’m afraid it looks like your fan died a few minutes into the first start. Please request a replacement by contacting


Thank you for this offer. I think it’s a hardware issue too.
In Energy Saver Mode it ran nearly 30 minutes before (thermal) shutdown. Should I update to fw 1.1 on tuesday? You mentioned, it will allow diagnostics for the light machine.
Now It’s charging. Will wait 3 hours. To be honest, I did not want to charge the device unattented last night.

I am sad. But, this tiny machine has so much potential.
It’s a pity, the fan seems to have died. What I have seen so far is really great! Great picture quality with amazon and youtube. Local video files play smooth also. The gui isn’t as bad as reported by others. Thanks for your support.


It runs 30 minutes without fan before it shuts down?

I din’t start a timer yesterday. It was late. Maybe it wasn’t as long. After finishing the full charging process, I will provide precise measures later today.

But one is for sure @kai: I heard the fan working on first start, felt the air stream. Nothing like that when I switched in on after first shutdown. And there was much space around the PPM. So ventilation should not have been a problem.

Really sorry to hear the fan seems to have died :pensive:

Start the return process right away to ensure you’ll get a new one sooner.

If it runs that long, you can try to update again. You don’t need to wait till next week. Prashant can make you a beta-tester and give you access to newer firmware right away.

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Especially if you put a fan to blow across it from right to left (while looking at the back of the device) to help with the cooling now that the internal fan is / seems to be dead.

That is assuming a firmware update can make the fan work again? if it’s a hardware fail it won’t, but who knows I guess it’s worth a try

To use an external fan is a good idea. But I already put everything in the box to prepare the replacement process. The fan is dead, and today the device switched off suddenly. Not because of overheating, since it happened immediately after switching on the cool device.
@PhilipsEngineering what do you suggest? I will follow your instructions and you already told me to contact support for replacement.
Really a pity, because I fell in love with my little PPM :slight_smile:

Fully charged.

Same behavior on battery and when plugged in.

I did that, but fw 1.0.27 did not solve it. A factory reset did also not lead to a success.

By special request of Ivo: A tiny detail I want to mention.

I fully charged the device today in the morning. Switched it on and the fan was working! Since I did not have much time I switched it off again after it booted. Later the day the fan did not come to life again, when starting the PPM.

So there were two signs of life regarding the fan. Most of the time it is dead. And in addition the device switches off when fully charged. But this is to prevent overheating, I assume.

Maybe a loose contact which could hint to a quality problem you may investigate.