No image/black screen


If I connect my hdmi cable to the pixopix max, my screen turns black.

I want to watch television true the beamer but it is not possible.

Can someone help?

Thank you

Hi @Fran_Gos have you tried a different HDMI cable?

Yes with another cable it is working.

Thank you.

Also if I try Airplay with ly Iphone I have a blackscreen asswell?



Hi Fran_Gos, which app are you casting from?

Hi, I am casting from streamz, telenet (television in Belgium)

I also can’t cast foto’s with Airplay


Hi @Fran_Gos, you should definitely be able to cast your own photos and videos via AirPlay. Please update to the latest version of the software and try again. Is your phone able to detect the PicoPix as an AirPlay destination? If not, please open the AirPlay settings from the home screen of the projector, and turn it off/on. If that doesn’t help, please also scroll to the bottom Advanced Settings, and try turning on/off “Device discovery tweaks.”