No Product Received After More Than One Year

the next week was 24 days ago,
can i have my perk sent to me?
thank you

Seems your product was lost by DHL…
We are adding you to the list to send you a new one next week.

Seems your product was lost by DHL…
We are adding you to the list to send you a new one next week.

Hello @PhilipsNono,
Some news?

Hello, we are checking with DHL to see who signed for your package

Hello @PhilipsNono,
My package was delivered by DHL to the French Post Office. It is the latter that lost my package.
I have the tracking numbers DHL and La Poste.
Could you contact me privately so that I can give them to you?


nous avons toutes les infos. merci

Did you proceed? Is it possibile to have a tracking ref?



did you guys manage to send it?

thank you

Hello, we are receiving the stock tomorrow and will send it on the same day

Same story. No product rcvd. Feel scammed by Philips as well as indigogo.

I know this isn´t the place to ask for this (private messages seem to be useless) but I´d like to cancel my order and request a refund. I´ve made up my mind and I´ll get the PPM One instead (Ticket # 25007)

@PhilipsSteve @PhilipsNono

@PhilipsNono is handling this.
There is some delay, because DHL has still not informed us what has happened to the Max we sent you. There is still the possibility that it will be delivered.
It has happened before that we made a refund, and then afterwards DHL delivered the product.

Hello @PhilipsNono, some news regarding my package?

@PhilipsNono @PhilipsSteve


We ordered a picopox max 1 year ago on october 4th 2019.

As of now we are desperate for a response since we cannot get in contact with anyone trough indiegogo contact nor forums we tried multiple.

Your payment has been processed successfully. You can edit your shipping address (if applicable) until the campaigner updates the status to “Locked” to prepare for fulfillment.


Nick Ter grefte and Michel Waanders

Hi Nick and Michel,

I asked for an update on your case, and I was told that you have sent many requests into our support centre, however for some reason your situation was not followed up on.

Please accept our apologies for the long delay.

We have started shipping the products ourselves, since our Chinese forwarder has been so unreliable. I have added you to a list to be resent your product directly from our offices in Switzerland.

@PhilipsKristina will send you an email via Zendesk to confirm your address.



Weird, because as @PhilipsNono wrote almost a month ago, it should have been sent and properly delivered by now.

So, it isn´t only a problem of patience, it´s a matter of trust as well.

Hello @PhilipsSteve @PhilipsNono,

As I have no news about my package, I would like to be refunded.

I have been waiting for a year and a half for my package, it has been lost by the carrier and no action seems to be taken on your side.

I am not the only one in this case and I find it scandalous knowing the reputation of Philips, I feel like I have been ripped off.

Could you please proceed with the refund as soon as possible?
I will be sure to share my misadventures with Philips with all my acquaintances.


Hello Mfontolan,

Sorry for the delay again. Your Max will be sent out ASAP.

@PhilipsNate, can you please send this one out tomorrow morning?

Kind Regards,



Your package has been lost, we will send you a new one tomorrow by DHL from Switzerland.