No reply from support on my defective device

I sent an email two weeks ago about my defective device but got no reply so far (except the auto acknowledge mail).

What can I do?

Hey, @PhilipsEngineering or @PhilipsNono can assist you. Keep in mind that their emails are cluttered at the moment as there are a lot of requests.


Same issue with me I got my item in first lot and I am not able to focus anything at all. I got intial response and post that no reply… seems customer care is dead and silent.
Can you please check my issue honestly device doesn’t work at all have sent emails @Vin @PhilipsEngineering

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Sounds like there are quite a few of us in this boat.


Yup, they explained they’ve identified a hardware issue with some devices and will replace those, but they have a lot going on at the moment with Chinese New Year and trying to get everything on track after pausing production. Let’s see how this unfolds.



I’m sorry, but so far it’s been an endless parade of excuses and delaying to get a simple response about my dead device. Whether it be steps to trouble-shoot. Or a timeframe to replacement. Or whatever resolution. So far it’s “you sent your details to the wrong place, send them to XYZ and we’ll get right back to you.” I’ve done this three times over (two different email addresses and now here). Chinese New Year was foreseeable. I’ve been reporting this for several weeks.

Patience officially lost. I will use the social-media lever to voice my experience and perhaps and complain to Philips corp if I don’t get some tangible communication soon.

Hi guys, I am personally following up on the returns issue now. Will let you know the status ASAP.

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Hi, I also have a faulty device which is so disappointing after waiting so long. Sent an email but would be grateful for some feedback asap please?

Hello Caroline,

Did you write to for a return and refund? The bugreport@ email is no longer used.

If you still don’t receive a reply (I believe it moght take a couple of working days), write us here.



Support wrote back immediately with a google form to complete. Then went completely silent. I chased them and they said ‘please fill out this google form’. After saying I already did they haven’t responded again.

The absurd issue is you have some kind of crazy proprietary issue with the power supply. I cannot even just go and buy a new power supply at the exact same spec as it will flash red/blue and indicate it’s not compatible. So stupid!

Please help me. This is all part of a 70th birthday surprise for my dad. I was going to pre load a whole life’s worth of photos on it.

I have been so ridiculously patient and now you’re going to ruin my gift because I can’t just use another power supply and you won’t send me one either. I expect this from other vendors on Indiegogo but Philips?!?

Prashant - you said you would have an update asap - what’s happening please. I desperately need a new power supply before you guys absolutely ruin the surprise birthday gift I was planning for my dad.

@PhilipsNono please have a spare power supply shipped ASAP to @Caroline_Hilton.

Hi @Caroline_Hilton, there’s no way for us to pick it up and send replacement of the full unit since the warehouse is closed. They reopen next week Monday. By when do you need the power supply?

I have a non- working device, with a working power supply. I’d be happy to post my power supply to Caroline if that would help

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@cjwilber that’s really nice of you. But when you send yours back they’ll check and find a missing adapter. Then I’ll have to ask them for an exception etc. it’s a mess.

@Caroline_Hilton I have a spare adaptor too, PM me. Those logistics guys will take another 2 ages to be ready.

@cjwilber thank you that’s very kind

@PhilipsEngineering are you saying you can have one sent to me? I need it to arrive before 21st Feb (and that is if the issue is with the power supply which I have deduced on the basis that:
a) The provides cable charges other items when using another plug
b) The provided plug does not give a ‘power’ light on the unit
c) When I use an alternate power supply with provided cable I get a blue/red flashing light.
d) The unit worked with the shipped charge it had before it ran out of charge

If @PhilipsEngineering could not replace I would of course have given @cjwilber my faulty one so he would still be returning a full unit with parts.

@cjwilber I will come back to you if I am not successful.

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Where about in London are you? I’ve got a Powerbank which I’m sure would power your PPM. I’m in Kilburn btw.
I think it’s worth a shot if you want to try it out
Btw it’s not the proprietary one since I haven’t received my pledge yet, but I’m powering just about anything with this.
Zendure SuperTank and Zendure Superport.

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@mmeidl thank you. I’m going on the basis that the provided charger does not light up the LED on the PPM and other chargers cause a blue/red flashing light which Philips have said on this forum is related to an incompatible charger. I think it’s because both that I’ve tried (61w and 95w respectively) are Apple chargers. Got another one coming to try. Thank you. I’ll let you know how I get on. Very grateful for your offer


Did you get replacement picomax ?

Today I received a call from “SF Express” (I live in Hong Kong) and ask me for returning the defective PicoPix. As I haven’t received any reply form Philips since 13 Feb, so I refused to return it.

What should I do now?

My ticket ID: 15786