No response from customer service after confirming that I should proceed with the replacement process

Hi there,

Many thanks for your update! It’s understandable if units are out of stock, but I think what is most important to me is transparency on the replacement progress.

It would be much appreciated if you can work with Cooper General on this aspect. I think they should have let me known that they received my projector, they are backordered, and provide an estimated time to ship without me asking for this information.

I will wait for an email when the projector has been shipped.

Thanks again!

Hi @directhit203 ! I have sent you an email yesterday. So it is on the way!

Thank you very much for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

Have a nice weekend!

Hi @PhilipsKristina ,

I have the same issue with my projector not turning on. As a troubleshooting step, I have also connected the charger and tried to power it on but it doesn’t. One thing I noticed is the led turns green instead of blue/red when the charger is connected. My ticket no. is 34095 and my contribution ID is 881. Please advise.

Hi @Tej ! Thanks for your message. I see that you created your ticket about an hour ago, so someone from my team will follow up with you soon!

Hello @PhilipsKristina ,

It has been 14 days and I have not heard from Cooper General.

Please let me know your next steps.

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Hi again, @PhilipsKristina

The return shipment seems to be stuck - it has not moved in a couple of weeks, awaiting a commercial invoice.

As described earlier, none of the attachments I got from you contained any invoices, so it was sent with only the shipping label, based on your comment earlier that «The shipping label should be enough.»

That does not seem to be the case.

I followed up on the support ticket 4-5 days ago, but as usual there is no respons to be had there before I ask for a follow-up publicly in this forum.

What to do next? How do we ensure the package reaches you without any more trouble?


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Hi @iMikeY ! Cooper General confirmed that they processed your a request for you. Could you please check if you have received a shipping label from directly from Fedex?

Hi @havardfjaer ! We do many pick-ups from all over the world and are aware of the rules. Though sometimes a customs agent can ask for additional documents, mostly they do not. But in any case they contact us, the request owner, to provide any additional documents unless this is a delivery and something is needed from the recepient according to the local requirements. Anyway, your request was already in progress. We have already contacted UPS and they told us, that it is ok, though we are waiting for the confirmation from the Norwegian office. In general, it feels like customs clearance takes a bit longer these days in many countries. We will update you once we have news. In the meantime your replacement is already being prepared in the warehouse. Have a nice day.

Hello @PhilipsKristina I have not received anything from FedEx or anything from Cooper General. Please help.

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@iMikeY Thanks for letting me know, I will follow up