No response in any of the support platforms available

I have made a purchase around October 2019.

No response to my tickets or comments on the Indiegogo platform.

Contribution ID

I am moving to another home soon and I need a response asap.

I need some urgent reply

I need an urgent update!

Good morning, I do not quite understand how shipping works, but I explain my situation to see if someone can give me an explanation.

Since July 10, in DHL and with my tracking number that was given to me, it says that the package has been delivered, but absolutely nothing has reached me. also, in the section “More Shipment” it puts in the place of the receiver: “person, Return to sender” and I don’t understand what it means.

Could someone shed some light on the matter, and if someone know when I will possibly receive my PicoPix?

Regards and thank you very much in advance.

I have been waiting for mine since 2019 and did not receive any reply to my messages.

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