No sound from Blu-ray player

When I connect my Sony Blu-ray- Player to the PicoPix via HDMI, two sound-related issues appear:

  1. no playback anymore through the connected Bluetooth speaker, which works through the Netflix app.
  2. in the Blu-ray Disc menu, the background music gets played through the integrated speakers (not the Bluetooth speakers). But once the movie itself starts, no sound is audible whatsoever. Tried headphones, same issue.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how it can be solved? Thank you!

Bluetooth audio doesn’t work when using external sources. It is a known limitation of the hardware and can’t be addressed.


Thanks for the response! What about the other issue, no audio playback from the blu-ray when the movie plays – not even from the integrated speakers?

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That issue I haven’t seen mentioned here at all yet, but from my experience with audio over HDMI I’d say that Pico does not support whatever audio codec is used on Blu-ray discs. Does that happen for all movies you tried?

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It’s very likely exactly as Piotrek says, the PPX doesn’t support the audio codec that the BD player sends via the HDMI cable. You have two options: either split the audio to a amplifier/receiver that supports the codec before the signal reaches the PPX or force the BD player to send plain stereo signal.

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Does the first option Include using the separate coauxial digital out of my player, ande connect it to a sound bar, for example?

Thanks for the help, everyone!

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Something like that, yes. Or a HDMI audio splitter/audio extractor.

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Have you tried outputting only stereo audio from the Blu-ray player? Dolby signals aren’t processed if I recall correctly.


Blueray and DVD disks usually have more than one audio codec on them and it’s selectable in the disk menu I’m sure one will work through the in built speakers

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