Not able to turn off

My ppmx frozen when I was trying to login into Amazon prime. It doesn’t react to input through the remote control. It doesn’t turn off even when I push the physical button on the ppmx
What I Am supposed to do @PhilipsPrashant? Wait for the battery to finish?
Help! Thanks

Try to do a hard reset -> Press and hold the power button on the projector itself until it turns off.
It’ll probably take around 10 secs.


I have this issue right now. First Amazon Prime stopped playing. Then I quit the app and went back in to pick up. It didn’t work so I decided to see if there were any updates. First I updated Aptoide TV. I’ve just opened Aptoide TV and the picture is frozen without loading everything, the fan is going nuts and the projector doesn’t respond to anything on the remote.
I’ve tried holding the power button on the projector down for 20 odd seconds but to no avail.

For now I’ve removed the charger and started waiting. Surely there’s a better way to force a shutdown?

Hi @tmaagaard you can force-shutdown by holding the power button on the back of the projector for 10 sec. You can also restart it by inserting a pin in the reset hole (see the pic here).