Onscreen Cursor Arrow Is Gone

Ever since the last OS update, the cursor arrow has disappeared from my PicoPix interface. Has this happened to anyone else, and how do I get it back? Not that this has made the projector inoperable for me, but still, weird…

It didn’t happen to me until now. Are you sure it is not a problem of low battery in your remote control?
This excluded, if arrows keys of your remote are still working, then it should be a Bluetooth problem : perhaps your remote should be paired one more, or you have a Bluetooth sensor broken.

Please try pairing the remote once again (if it shows up on the list already, unpair it first). How to pair the AirMote?

I have two remotes for the PPX, the airmote that came with it and a little keyboard/air mouse that connects with a USB dongle. They both still work using arrow keys, but the mouse arrow cursor no longer appears on my screen, so point and click is no longer possible. I also have a Logitech hub remote that works with the projector, but only operates the PPX through IR commands despite the fact that it is capable of Bluetooth as well.