Out of the box comments and issues

Hi guys,

Just received my device today. Thought I would provide some feedback on my thoughts. Firstly device looks great. Nice and easy to upgrade, nice picture and menu. Found my way around the menu just fine. Picture seems good as well at a high level. So far so good.

Secondly some gripes from an Apple only user.
Blootooth devices are not listed by name but by MAC. I have around 40 devices coming up and I cannot find my speaker (JBL Flip 3) which is so easy to connect to with any other (Apple) device. I cannot get my projector to connect to this speaker, not that I can tell which device it is anyway.

Secondly I cannot stream Disney Plus from my phone. I can to my Apple TV so I presumed I could to my Pico. Nor can I find the app to install native on it , Is there another App Store I can connect to to download apps? And how can I tell it will be compatible.

The Apps I can stream from my Iphone are so jumpy they are almost unwatchable. Again not an issue to an Apple TV. All of the reasons I have purchased this projector are based on the compatibility with my Apple devices from a streaming perspective.

So a bit cranky and have a feeling right now Of sending it back as I have no apps working, no Bluetooth speaker connected. Why the hell cant you display Bluetooth device names?

Anyway hopefully someone can give me some answers on this, if this is what Android life is like then I’m definitely staying with Apple as stuff just works.


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Sometimes need to scan few times before the name of the Bluetooth device comes up. I have paired JBL Flip 5, Sony WH-1000MX3, Apple AirPods (1st Gen) and Xiaomi Haylou GT1 earbuds. All the names appear but I did have to scan a few times.

I did not encounter any problem mirroring from Apple iPhone X. Able to play videos without issues.

The issues you are raising were features added during the final prototyping. I expect they’ll be addressed as time passes. My iPhone is also stuttery when mirroring, and if you used any early Airplay functions, they were also

Is there a better App Store? I downloaded Disney + from an Android TV for my Father in Law. How can I get to it from the projector?

Hi @Robjohnston,

Bluetooth :

  • you have to launch pairing in the device you want to pair with and scanning in the Bluetooth menu in PPM in order to see the device by its name and link them.
  • If you only go to the Bluetooth menu, you’ll see a list of MAC addresses but you will not be able to pair.
  • Have you at least managed to pair the remote in order to transform it in Airmote ?

Disney + :

  • some people managed to install and run Disney + with success.
  • Look here : Working Apps List discussion, feeds the Working Apps List
  • In a general manner, have a look at this whole thread, you’ll find very useful tips on which apps works on PPM, how to install/run them and if there are some limitations or not :wink:.

Airplaying from Apple devices :

  • As an example, on my side, AirPlay works like a charm, either from my iPhone Xs Max, from my iPad Pro or from my MBA (I’m an Apple user too :grin:).
  • I assume you have seen that you have to activate it in menus of PPM (right ?).
  • Have you done PPM firmware upgrade too ?
  • Last thing : due to DRM, some apps in your Apple device wont play movies by AirPlay, you’ll only have sound, or maybe nothing at all. That’s out of the hands of Philips.

Hope these little tips will help you in discovering how this tiny PPM can make huge things :+1: !