Parcel stuck and DHL won't talk to me

My parcel shipped on 1st June, tracking didn’t start working until after the 20th… The DHL website shows it arrived in the UK on the 22nd but hasn’t moved since and the website doesn’t accept my postcode to get more information I am concerned it will return to sender soon.

I have tried to phone DHL but they won’t talk to me as they believe the tracking reference belongs to a parcel delivered in March, even though that disagrees with the information on their website. They have told me the only way to move this forward is for the sender to contact DHL in Germany (lord knows why).

Please help.

trackingID: CR071958634DE
contributor reference: 20473


Do you have a ticket with us? If not, please send an email or and put as much detail in it as you can.

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Hi there,

Exactly the same situation I’m in! I’ve already mailed, case ID 24683, but no response from anyone yet. How can so many parcels/deliveries be in exactly the same state?

Hope @IvoGrijt can help :+1:


This is exactly the same problem that i have! Excuse opening a separate thread. My tracking number is CR071959073DE and DHL said “ Hi David, This appears as a duplicate on our system which was already delivered to someone else in 03/20. You will need to contact your senders to request that they send a new shipment as we can’t deliver duplicates. Thank you, Oreintha.”

Please help - thanks.

I’ve sent an email now, but don’t have more information to provide you. Really hope this works because I’ve already posted this information in a million other places and got 0 replies or support so far.


I have just sent a mail to with all the screenshots from the tracking site and the quote from the DHL UK rep. There is something seriously wrong with uk deliveries by the look of it.

Thanks for your help in advance, Ivo. I recognise how hard you have been working. I owe you a beer when we are next allowed to travel!



Same problem here as well. Shipment send from Germany on June 19th. June 23rd shipped to delivery address in the Netherlands, the DHL website said it tried to deliver after office closing hour. Then got a message it was send to the service pickup point the next day, where it never arrived. After calling DHL, they said their system said it was returned to the sender, which I should contact. The website said the sender was Vigo Logistics Management GmbH, which I could trace to a suburb of Munich (Neubiberg), but said company has no website and no contact details.
I contacted support@screeneo on the 25th, they answered on the 28th that they were going to contact the forwarder. Not heard anything back since.
The DHL website since June 24th states “The shipment is being prepared for delivery in the delivery depot”, no mentioning that it tried to divert the shipment to a service pickup point since.
Very frustrating.
My tracking number is CR071950193DE.


This does sound different to issue I am describing but another woeful DHL tale.

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That is (one of) our forwarder’s logistic partner(s) in Germany.

By the way, when you mail, the ticket gets assigned to me, the reply you got came from me, and I am working on getting a solution for you.

To find out the best way to contact us with a shipping issue, please see my post (if you haven’t already): General info about shipment and manufacturing

If you have any issue with shipping and already have a ticket, reply to that using the information in that post.
If you don’t have a ticket yet, send mail to with one of the subject lines mentioned in that post.



My contribution ID is 10823.

I received a DHL tracking number on May, 18 (CR071932053DE); DHL provided more feedback on June, 02: “22:31 Local time. The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center (Speyer, Germany)”.
But the projector never arrived. As long as I don’t have any further information yet, I have called DHL-Spain several times: unfortunately DHL Spain does not provide any help. They argue that the parcel is still in Germany, thus is DHL-Germany who should care about it. In addition, DHL-Spain does not have any communication with DHL-Germany. To talk with DHL is a very annoying and difficult experience, but to talk with DHL-Germany seems to me almost unreachable.
DHL-Spain insists that the wright way is to talk with Philips, so here I am…
I can understand the difficulties on these uncertain days, but I feel more worried and less patient day by day.
Please, how could we unblock these situation?

Thanks and regards!

I have the same issue as described in the original post…

Ticket opened with support: 24673

my tracking number is CR071959192DE, my indigogo ID is 16461…

I can track my parcel on the DHL Europe website and it shows as arriving in the UK on the 23rd June. When I track on the UK page it shows delivery confirmation for 27th March and is not associated to my postcode.

I cannot get in touch with DHL Europe and DHL Parcel UK have told me my tracking number is incorrect and that I should contact the sender… so here I am… @IvoGrijt please help if you can.

Kind regards


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This is similar but different to my issue. My parcel does not show as delivered anywhere publicly facing. Only when I contact DHL do they talk about it being delivered in March.

I’ve still only had an automated response after emailing btw… Not sure if anyone has anything more.

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if you remove your postcode from the UK tracking site I think you will get a result…

No I get a result already. It won’t accept my postcode. That is the problem.

I have the same issue. DHL have started return to sender as the address given was the wrong one. Incredibly frustrating.

Hi @IvoGrijt,
I have a very similar issue. From the tracking it looks like the parcel is stuck in Günzburg, Germany since May, 02 2020. I’ve called DHL via phone but they told me that only the sender is able to do something.
I’ve already opened ticket #24781 but I still didn’t get anything back from you. Can you please let me know something?

I have 2 “tickets” now but still no replies beyond the generic:

“Your request (24740) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.”

Has there been any progress, am I likely to receive a projector?

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Are we getting a refund for the shipping costs at least?

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What now? What is the escalation path here? I have no product, no response on any of my tickets, no way to escalate or claim through the shipper and no way to request a refund. Do I need to take go to small claims?

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I need some response, DHL states start investigation from sending company, Vigo is untraceable. Screeneo only get the automatically generated answer tickets (26225, 24950). So now asking on this forum what exact code did you get?

I am also in NL similar issue see below, what to do to fix it?

Can and should I find the CityHub as someone suggested, or should I start harrasing every DHL employee?

Bezorging op dit moment verhinderd, het pakket heeft 1 à 2 dagen vertraging 30 jun. 11:07
Gescand op het sorteercentrum 30 jun. 10:20
Bezorging op dit moment verhinderd, het pakket heeft 1 à 2 dagen vertraging 29 jun. 17:21
De bezorger komt later dan verwacht 27 jun. 23:59

But in English:

The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization.