Philips GoPix 1 Commercial Video (2021)

They are silent about the specs…

Hello, which information do you need ?
This is the slimmest 480p with 120 lumens projector on the market. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate!

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Maybe the official press release will help you a bit:

[…] Der Philips GoPix 1 wird mit Fernbedienung, Stativ, USB-C-Video- und HDMI-Kabel geliefert und ist ab dem 20. November ab 299,99 EUR / 299,99 USD erhältlich […]

How many watts does it consume?

Hello! 11watts

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Consumes very little power, easy to carry When will it start selling worldwide?

“The Philips GoPix 1 comes with remote control, tripod, USB-C video and HDMI cables and is available on 20th of November, starting from 299.99 EUR / 299.99 USD”

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I see, but I don’t know what kind of remote control it will be, why it’s sold and why there is no remote image to see?

Hello! yes the remote control is like this !


Can you adjust the trapezoid screen? The only regret is that the remote is too big. I hope there will be a clip of using the phone’s remote control screen?

Hello, yes there is auto keystone. The remote control has been made to fit the size of the projector but also to be premium. You cannot use your phone to control the projector as there is literally nothing to do with it, everything is automatic if you set it once :slight_smile:


Such a beauty, well done :rocket::+1:


I live in Thailand When I started, where can I buy?

Where do you start selling now?

The product form has not yet been released.