Philips (PicoPix) Max TV Commercial Video (2021)

NEW Philips Max TV - Commercial Ad - YouTube

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When is the product released?

And here goes our Max EOF

the device is lagging in the commercial. I am anxious to see what it will be like in reality.

hello, the video is lagging, not the image. This has nothing to do with the projector.

Will be in stores at the end of Nov

no. the video isn’t lagging. It is only lagging when you see interaction in the interface

what you see on the screen for Android TV is a screen recording of Android TV from a remote computer, that’s why this recording is lagging. We didn’t have another way to do it. We will show you a real video of the interface tonight

First article ! We will have many more unboxing.

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So basically they released what we should have received and screwed us over? Full android functionality is what was promised and we got bupkis.


They are releasing what they told us they couldn’t do. First and last “Philips” projector I’ll ever buy.


The fact that that’s true is so annoying. But you know how it is: million dollars firms don’t really need to care about client satisfaction nowadays

Hello guys, we are sorry you feel that way.

  • the PicoPix Max is still a great product that we continue to produce and is not end of life
  • The new PicoPix Max TV is NOT a product that replace the Max but a step up
  • We have now Android TV because of months of negotiation and we were pretty clear that the Max won’t have it. We always communicated on the fact that it will be Android AOSP
  • would you ask Apple to change your iPhone 12 for a 13 for free because you were expecting the top notch to be smaller 1 year ago
  • “they released what we should have received and screwed us over”: specs are totally different and those are 2 completely different device

The PicoPix Max is a great product, portable and full of possibilities. The PicoPix Max TV has been made 2 years after the Max, with evolutions, and technologies that we didn’t have 2 years ago.


Can’t disagree with the iPhone example, it’s just sad that that’s the business model you chose to go with it.
And easy on the great product. Almost all of the posts I see on this forum are of disappointed and/or frustrated costumers.
Maybe i’m being mislead by your algorithm ?

Hello, we came with a product that was at that time the best we could do with the best technology. Android AOSP was advertised since the beginning and we are always trying to make new product according to our customers feedbacks. that’s why 2 years after the Max we cam with the MAx TV. Customers had the choice to purchase the Max, or return it after 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the PicoPix Max, we are very sorry about it, we thought 30 days were enough to test the product and maybe send it back it not OK.

Well, I’m happy with the Max. Of course, I would rather test the Max TV now, as it seems to be better. But I use my Max every weeks and it do what it was built for.
The only issue I had with Max is one or two pixels losing colors (I have a white point on my screen, perhaps 2x2 pixels) since an awkward personn dropped down the projector from a height of approximately 40" (120cm). Quite annoying, not “perfect” anymore, but still in good working order. I can admit that I recommended the PPMax and two friends followed me and are delighted with it.
My only regret is that I didn’t buy a good sturdy tripod at the beginning. (Something like that : K&M 210/9 Pied perche de micro | Algam Webstore
with this sort of adaptation : Adaptapeur Ă  rotule Gravity GMSQT1B pour pied de micro appareil photo enregistreurs |

I have been using the projector daily for the past year and a half.

I have fire tv connected and it works very well.

Would I buy it again? no. I feel that this is the kind of product that once it breaks down even within warranty it is over. You might as well throw it in the bin. Customer support is basically a couple of guys pacifying everyone with comments. Forget about say a replacement or spare parts.

I would spend a bit more and buy a reputable brand. Probably LG now.
Enjoy it while it works


Dear community user,

We are sorry to hear that you have this particular view of our support,

I would invite you to reach us via and let us know further your feedback and if there is still anything currently that we can help you with,


Any news when the MaxTV will be released?