Philips PicoPix PPX3410

Hi all,

I hope I am at the right place, I couldn’t find a place for the PP portable/mini so I’m posting here.

I have a fire tv stick, I bought an adaptor hdmi>hdmi mini so I can plug the stick to the projector but is not working at all. If I plug the stick straight to my hdmi port in the TV is working. Am I missing something?

Also I’m issues updating the firmware, I found 2 ways to do so.


I have downloaded the file .img from the Philips website I have followed the instructions but it won’t upload.
I have formatted the SD card and I have only the .img file in the root directory however once I insert the card turn on the projector and click on firmware update it doesn’t do anything. Thank you for your help

Hi guys anyone could help please ?

@Furiaceka85 You mean you don’t have a any image?
Have you checked that the resolution of the Fire TV is set to 1080p? Also, can you show us the adapter you bought?

I managed to get it to work. Thanks