Philips software support is not enough

Dear philips Engineering
Could you please update what is the updated software road map

Philips Engineers promissed to fix the following issues but still no action.

1 ) keystone correction is not remembered when connect HDMI even we don’t have option to fix the projected image. It is quite difficult to adjust the image with projector moving and digital zoom

  1. Mobile app for controlling the projector

  2. since philips got google service for new projectors why you did not update our devices with this andriod version supported with google service

  3. If you found solution for vertical keystone when it will be implemented



Yes, it seems that because they finished with the indiegogo campaign, they just stopped offering support to the projector…

There are LOTS of things to fix and features to add but they already got the money from an early stage product. A product that will go from an early product to a deprecated product… sad for a big company like this one…


And what about sonos integration?


1: SOnos: there is a thread about it forum, there is a solution for this
2: Philips App: we are still on it, the app is not only for Max but for other devices so it takes time to develop it
3: Google: this is not a Google issue but SOC. This SOC only support Android 9. Also, there is no GOogle Services on this device.
4: vertical keystone is working, 4 corners correction as well but only for internal content. This is a hardware limitation
5: @PhilipsEngineering is this doable?

This is the solution ?

Dear philips Engineering

Could you please guide how could we solve the below issue

keystone correction is not remembered when connect HDMI even we don’t have option to fix the projected image. It is quite difficult to adjust the image with projector moving and digital zoom

When i connect my HDMI i can not control the image ?? is this correct that way !!!

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That could be :slight_smile: BUt we have implemented an app for SOnos. It is in Beta now. Please refer to the SOnos thread.

This has been discussed in many threads.

It is a hardware issue, when designing the PPM they bypassed the processor and connected USB-C and HDMI directly to the light engine. Because of this hardware choice you will never have 4 corner correction or BT over external outputs.

The said reasoning for this choice was to limit video lag for external connections.

There is no amount of software updates that will ever fix this.

Dear Mr. Paul,

As i remember philips promised they will add an option to manage the projected image over HDMI

But keeping the image from HDMI without any control is very difficult

Could any one from philips confirm this ???

@PhilipsNono @PhilipsKristina @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsSteve

It can’t be done they have said that it is a hardware issue and they can’t fix it with any software updates. HDMI bypasses everything and goes directly to the light engine.

They have clarified that the only thing you can do is maybe find a source which allows for the type of adjustments you are looking for and adjust at the output source.

The only way for a perfect picture from HDMI or USB-c is to have the projector in the right spot at hight and distance from the screen.

I know you are looking for confirmation from Phillips/screeneo but I think they have moved on from this question and might not answer any more. If you search through threads you will find it answered numerous times.

Sorry to be bring bad news and as an owner wish it wasn’t the case, but it is.

PicoPix Max One fixed this issues and now has lower input lag after a software update. It’s a good option if you use an external source most of the time anyway and if you don’t mind the old school charging port.

My only question is - is it anyways impossible to embed Google PlayStore into PPM by firmware update?

Really seems this is most important for most of us (at least for me), though 3rd party App Library like Aptoide can be used.

Nope, it is not certified to have Google Play store and so it can’t exist on the device through Phillips or screnneo.

Someone had hacked the launcher and found a way to get GMS (Google mobile services) I believe on it but that was a while ago and I am not sure how far they took it.

You will not get something from Phillips though as they don’t have the license to use it and this device and won’t add it without permission as it would open them up to lawsuits.

You also can’t get android tv on it as the processor they used is not supported.